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How to unpark your CPUs

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  • How to unpark your CPUs

    I was chatting in game earlier and was asked how difficult unparking your cores. Well it's a matter if clicks if you don't know what you're doing and editing your registry if you do.

    To cut to the chase you'll want to go here: grab the app, run it as Admin, check for cores, switch em to unparked and reboot.

    This should also be done in conjunction with the tweaking guide posted below this thread!

    Now PC is a terrible quad core overclocked to 3Ghz. It's unstable as sin at the BEST of times, but this has been like a whole new PC. It runs smoother, games load faster, basically it feels like more of a upgrade than the cores did. In PS2 specifically I was up to 30-50 frames at ALL times regardless of fight size, however I saw a slight performance HIT (Worse than usual, or maybe I was just used to the smooth play?) whenever I was looking at or fighting in Biolabs, but I think everyone has that same problem. Performanced can be increased again by increasing your settings to Ultra via the ini files (Google it!). Yes you read that right INCREASE your settings to ULTRA. I know, makes no sense, right? Works though!

    Make sure you read the page carefully and understand that there are thousands of possible configs for thousands of possible different PCs. There have been reports of laptops running VERY hot when unparking, though it's never been an issue for desktops. So keep that in mind.

    I and the developers at Coder bag take no responsibility, yadda yadda, you know this part.

    Post if you've got any questions! :D

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    Re: How to unpark your CPUs

    Will it void warrenty?

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      Re: How to unpark your CPUs

      It shouldn't. All it's doing is adjusting a power-saving feature.

      This is mentioned a lot in Planetside performance guides. Reports vary, with the general consensus being that it can help a lot for certain models of (usually older?) CPUs while not being noticeable for others. I fall into the second category, comparing FPS before and after gave me no noticeable change. (AMD FX 8350)

      I will agree strongly with Ultra Settings. Unless your GPU is really struggling, you should get a nice performance boost from Ultra settings, as it shifts some load from the CPU to GPU. In effect, you should see lower maximum FPS (when you're out of battle and GPU-capped) but higher minimum FPS. (when you're in battle and CPU-capped) As far as I know the only exception to this is the Shadows setting. Shadows appear to be handled in some way by the CPU, and turning shadows to a lower level can improve your minimum FPS, try it out in VR training. I keep shadows on the highest setting because it's only a 3-5 FPS hit for me and shadow pop-in annoys me.
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