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Regarding forum signatures, banners, and ribbons

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  • Regarding forum signatures, banners, and ribbons

    Hello TG,

    It was brought to my attention recently that depending on the browser that you use you will see forum posts differently. I personally use Firefox and have not seen the signatures (or footers) of forum posts. If you view a post with Chrome however you will see various banners and ribbons. I found that going to Private Mode in Firefox allowed the ribbons to be shown so I thought the issue was related to addons. I disabled all of my addons on normal-mode Firefox and found that I still was unable to see the ribbons.

    Does anyone have thoughts on why this may be the case?

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    Heleana can you post an image of the banner(s), here or in Discord(then link here) as for me, each browser redirects to a different page:
    IE and chrome: page4(last page) :: showing 16 pages
    FF page9(last page) :: showing 15 pages

    Usersettings - Account - Visible Post Elements > both ticked
    Usersettings - Account - Posts per Page > show 40 post per page

    There are indeed differences in each browser, I have to use chrome when moving information from Google to the forums as IE has many issues with formatting requiring me to reedit a post many times.

    Some of the 'pins' have been lost/ or new location not been updated, but that would be the same on all browsers.

    If you can Send a Pic of both post banners from each browser the powers above will have a better idea of the issue.

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      I now better understand what you meant vts . The "Show Signatures" checkbox is available under Account Settings. Thank for the info. I can now see the Ribbons & Signatures.




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