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  • About rejoining to the outfit

    Greetings, i would like to know if i can get an invite to TG outfit again, i deleted my previous character for some silly reason, my current character is named IvnMrtnz as well. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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    Hello IvnMrtnz, Welcome to the forums, I see your Application at the end of this page so you can skip this step.

    I will let the team know you wish to re join the outfit.

    In the mean time,

    To be invited to the PS2 outfit, an Officer and yourself will need to be in game at the same time. This can be arranged using the following options by making yourself known to them:

    Please can you read and follow the information for new recruits start here page:

    I would recommend you read, how to be a good squad member

    If you'd like to introduce yourself to our PS2 community and haven't already done so, drop a post in the Meet and Greet thread, as what you wrote in here is only visible by yourself, Officers and Admins

    If in the future you would like to lead a squad, or even are just plain curious about how we go about leadership here, I would suggest checking out our squad leaders start here forum.

    Also, it's very important to read and familiarise yourself with the SOP's (Standard Operating Procedures) and the Tactical Gamer Primer (again, if you have not already done so). These are not things just to click through like an EULA, they are words to live by. :)

    Finally, you can find our TeamSpeak information here. Please take a few moments to set that up as we use it not only to socialise, but also occasionally as a back up to in game comms, as well as for company level comms when operating multiple platoons.

    We also have an active Discord Channel you can join to talk about PS2 and other games Tactical Gamer plays.

    Duty Roster

    Your Application:
    Timestamp 12/08/17 22:03
    Have you registered at
    Have you read the Tactical Gamer Primer and our Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Primer, General SOP's
    What is your In Game Name? IvnMrtnz
    Who was leading the squad when you were recruited? heleana
    Leadership Abilities / Intentions
    Additional Information / Background
    Which role do you prefer to play most? Infantry
    What is your Tactical Gamer Forum Name?

    (6..~)Z Z z z....




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