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ATTN: Five Ghosts' charter

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  • ATTN: Five Ghosts' charter


    Just to start things off, I want to give everyone a better handle on what the Five Ghosts of Earth are and plan to be.

    The Five Ghosts is composed of a group of gaming friends and fellow members of . We are composed of players that want to have fun and work together with mutual respect while still being rowdy and crazy. We currently are composed of 5 registered members and are recruiting.

    Now, to what we plan to do when Star Citizen comes out:

    We are Chaotic Neutral and listed as Social and Freelancing. What does this mean?

    The Five Ghosts will be a social faith meant to promote good interfaith social interaction while we proceed to do crazy things for profit and evangelism. We are not very picky when it comes to freelancing, but we only take jobs that suit our interests. We are a faith and thus have our overarching goals, but each member has an opportunity to try to advance their own personal goals. We are chaotic neutral, so we are flexible and sometimes hard to predict, or let alone count on. We remember our friends and the debts we owe to each other, so if there is one thing to count on, it is that we will try to help and protect our own.

    To explain a little about Chaotic Neutral, I must first state that we are not good and evil. Chaotic Neutral, CN as we shall call it, is a stance where players fully accept that they are in the gray areas of the lawful and the evil roles. CN Players will perform actions that are both good and bad and behave according to their own desires. It can be difficult for some to refrain from viewing these characters as anything but evil, because of the possibility of evil actions. Rather than that, many CN types tend to be more isolated and wanderers as they do as they please.

    In the future, we may end up getting jobs that require us to plunder, mine, kill, or perform trading and transporting. It doesn't necessarily mean that we are evil, but it means that we as players are willing to perform actions that are evil and actions that are good. It maybe about money or it even be about our desires... Who knows...

    Our currently supplied page courtesy of RSI is here:

    The current registered members are:
    [MENTION=28321]Charles Darwin[/MENTION]

    Please feel free to respond with questions or applications.



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