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  • [INFO] PSA: The RIO

    Before I begin, I wish to attempt to state the obvious just for some of the people here who might not otherwise know. Please correct me if anything I state is incorrect. It should be noted that the cutlass has one pilot, one RIO seat, and a turret seat. This means there is one person flying, one person specializing in radar, navigation, and battlefield management, and one seat for a turret operator.

    The RIO (Radar Intercept Officer) is the eyes and ears of your crew. An experienced operator can interpret the information gathered by your radar and communication systems. This allows for better identification and planning for action when compared to standard single pilot ships. Not only does the RIO manage the radar, but he must also manage organization and tactical analysis. Traditionally this position also would control long range, beyond-visual-range ordinance. As of now, it is not clear that such weapons are available or will be available to players. Such real life BVR weapons include the Sparrow 1, the Phoenix, and to some extent certain anti-ship missiles.

    The importance of the RIO is that he is meant to truly share the roles with the pilot. When the pilot wishes to operate in close combat, the pilot must be aggressive to fight and allow the RIO to worry about keeping the ship's defensive systems active. The opposite is true as well, if the pilot wishes to operate in long distance operations, the RIO must be aggressive in his job, as he will be using long range systems or weapons.

    As stated to others, if you wish to get a cutlass, make sure you have people that you mesh well with. If you want to take full advantage of its capabilities, you must be prepared to have an actual competent individual working with you. It does not matter how well you are at piloting, it is much more difficult to surprise and defeat a well equipped ship with a well trained crew.

    There is one thing to be noted, that only three ships currently are listed as having a Radar Intercept Officer seat.
    Hornet F7C-M

    This is something that should be very carefully considered when players with the above ships begin competing and flying.



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