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I'm drinking the kool aid, and I'm excited!

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    Re: I'm drinking the kool aid, and I'm excited!

    Originally posted by TYHBoom View Post
    Tie Fighter arcade-y? Would you mind elaborating? I have played every single game you listed quite a bit (Tachyon, FS2, and FL are my favorites out of that list) and really do not see how Tie Fighter (as well as the other games in its series Xwing & Xwing Alliance) was arcade like in any way.

    I love Freelancer and it has a great mod community which has kept the game alive and interesting. But if you want to talk about arcade-y gameplay, combat and flight in general in the vanilla version was really disappointing.
    The graphics man...the graphics. I'm sorry, even though I played it myself (albeit only two of the titles), I didn't really think they were true enough of a space sim, probably because the graphics technology at the time just wasn't enough on par for even a minimal representation of what a space sim should be been at the time. Keep in mind I was imagining (rather unrealistically) of something akin to later titles like Freelancer or Starlancer.

    As for FL vanilla, sure it was rather simplistic, but thinking about previous titles before then, I rather like this thought-about control scheme. I liked how they simplified it down so most players could just pick up and go with the ship rather than having to learn several (or many) keys like other sims in the past. Now arcadey would probably best describe the feel of FL to most who haven't played the game, but I feel it deserves more credit than a arcadey sim.
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      Re: I'm drinking the kool aid, and I'm excited!

      Graphics make the space sim?

      I'll wave the PC graphics flag all day, but that seems needlessly elitist.
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