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  • SC joystick mapper

    I found this earlier today while searching for info on xml so I may rebind actions to my joystick. Luckily I found this nifty little thing called (SC joystick mapper) it is fairly simple.
    1. DL the program (there is no installation)
    2. run progarm (it should read all connections of ie: joystick, keyboard, mouse, pad ect..) plugged in to your pc
    3. read the text doc that came with it ( took me a couple passes ;) )
    4. remap keys , buttons, axis, ect and save
    5. load SC (pp rebind keys in console to xmls location) and walla

    I have tested and works like a charm with my saitek st290pro :D it also shows keyboard, mouse and pad controls,
    ( I have not tested those yet ) but hopefully if you want to change up your pad controls it will work for you.
    If you make a mistake, and things are funky don't fret, it resets after you leave and rejoin game. Here is the link.

    SC Joystick Mapper

    I used latest version 2.5 , I will be on SC in TS testing out new combos on the hobos if anyone needs help.

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    Re: SC joystick mapper


    1. click on download
    2. start the program
    3. put your glasses on and familiarize yourself with the program ( only a couple pages with pic's :D )
    4. remapping consist of ( in program click on control and function you want changed and then clicking the button on the controller or pad or joy you want it assigned to ) then save
    5. in SC open console and type (pp_rebindkeys.......) to its respective location. The program lists it for you at top right.




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