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    Based on recent news:

    This last option – finding your own asteroid fields – has one variation that we expect to see widely utilized. Organizations may automatically share private discoveries amongst themselves, such that finding an asteroid field – or a derelict spaceship that could be salvaged, or astronomical phenomena that might be studied by an aspiring scientist, and other such things – would result in its location immediately becoming known to others within that organization but remaining hidden from the rest of the public. Thus, we expect that many organizations will wind up having a very vertically oriented and complementary set of occupations represented within its ranks, such that it can effectively cut out the middle man in many wealth-generating transactions and retain more value for itself and its constituents.
    This is from a recent front page article at RSI on the topic of mining. From what I am reading, this would seem to indicate that you can automatically share maps with others in your organization. The part that worries me is that it will cause the map to be shared with all members of the organizations your are part of. Consider this situation, if a man has joined 1 organization and finds an ore field, where does that map marker go? The information is shared with the primary organization and the members within, but this leaves a what-if statement. I postulate that if any members within the organization happens to be part of another organization, that shared information instantly becomes shared with the other secondary organizations. If this is the case, then that means that the information gathered by members is not secure and that the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon effect will be seen throughout the universe. This would essentially leave information brokers without a market and information free to all players.

    There is hope that there will be controls set on how this feature will function. It is currently unknown, but it leaves much to be desired as it will most likely require all members to manually change their cartography settings and will require plays to be honest in what they do. It will be important to be able to have trust in your fellow player before setting off on an operation.

    Don't worry to much about it, as the PU is a ways off and I also wrote this out of wanting to spend 15 minutes before dinner.


    The information that this thread is based on is from here:
    On the Subject of Mining

    The Orion Mining Ship
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    Re: cartography map sharing

    I'm pretty sure there will be privacy options. I imagine we'll begin seeing their framework show up with org 2.0. That's why I don't have a concern about it, at the moment.

    Some orgs may try and make uploading your finds mandatory, but I for one will not be participating in such orgs.


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      Re: cartography map sharing

      They have talked about with multi crew ships that you can set options so that low level folks may not even know where in space you are, given this I think the options for keeping important data like that locked up tight will be plentiful.

      Though this does make me ponder, if I discover an ore field, and I transmit the coords to you, that, really too complex to accurately describe in text or even speech over team speak, will likely be subject to eavesdropping, thus giving the herald a job. imagine a herald an a carrack running together in a secret ops mission, when the carrack discovers something the info is short ranged to the herald, which then jumps back to the fleet of reclaimers, orions, etc the data is again short ranged to the captains and navigation crew only, who then plot a course and make it so!

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        Re: cartography map sharing

        All these small details are making me very very happy, especially as a potential explorer
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          Re: cartography map sharing

          The great attention to details, including lore and backstory(ies), are some of the main reasons I have become so excited about SC!
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