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  • Multi-joy configuration

    On the suggestion of LG, I set up a multi-joystick configuration. It wasn't hard and it wasn't bad. be extra cautious as to what you bind the forward and backwards strafing hot keys to. I put it on the throttle of the second joy and it works, but man you got to line it up just right. On the other hand, doing this really does allow you to go at "impulse" without the need for your main thruster. Essentially, you are going half the maximum speed and fly like you would in quasi-partial decoupled mode. Thankfully, the sidewinder allows for manual tuning of the X and Y axis, so if something breaks, you can alter the behavior

    I used 2 sticks:


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    Re: Multi-joy configuration

    I have a Saitek st290 pro, I tried using it with arena commander and although I could fly OK it was very difficult to line up my targets and get any hits. So I went back to M/K which allowed me to be more accurate with aiming. Last week I found that logitech extreme 3d pro at a yard sale for 5 bucks. I got it home and set my old stick to all my strafe's and my new one to pitch/roll, still working out how I want my other buttons but man let me tell you. I have full control over my ship now and can hit targets fairly well. I love the way it feels, now I just need to make a nice addition to my desk to hold the joys in a comfortable way, get a couple foot pedals and I will be ready to rock.




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