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    Red Bull interviews Chris Roberts here:

    It was interesting to read how in Chris Roberts interview, comparisons were made to COD, Dues Ex, and Fall Out. In this vain, players will be able to customize their overall equipment, suffer system failures, and of course suffer loss of use of limbs. At one point, a comment was made that seemed to indicate the possibility of disabling players by damaging parts of armor. Think of Fall Out 3's method of disabling a robot by shooting that tiny back panel.

    There is another thing that was of an interesting note and it related to "Emergent" behavior in that guns (and most likely equipment) will behave in different ways depending on the situation and attachments.
    “If I put a silencer on, that silencer may reduce the noise that’s emitted,” he explains. “Which is important for us, because we have this whole radar system which runs off various kinds of signatures, one of which will be audio. But then it may reduce the muzzle velocity, and instead of having to say, ‘well, now this bullet will only do eight points of damage instead of 10 points of damage,’ we can say, ‘well, now this muzzle suppressor reduces the exit velocity by 10 percent’ and everything else falls out from there… It will be emergent.”
    Again, it really appears that they want to have a true drive to produce a stunning game which incorporates realistic space physics and a spirit of caution while in the reaches of space.



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