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  • [VIDEO] First 1k Players

    PTU version of AC 2.0 is up. Take a look guys.

    The flight of the Connie.

    and here is some FPS side of things

    New UI for the Retaliator

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    Re: First 1k Players

    I had seen that over the weekend, as a matter of fact, I almost linked the video myself. I am astounded by what I am seeing and incredibly happy to see it.

    That's not bad for vaporware, is it? =)

    As a followup, I was finally able to login to the social area and have a look around without any of the fifteen disconnect errors that I have been seeing, and I just this last weekend began to really dig into the flight controls and jumped in the racing area for the first time too.

    If this is the result of our patience then I think the release will be great. Fantastic development on the Star Citizen front.

    Now all of you, jump in Arma and join us once in a while. This weekend will be busy Im sure, it typically is.

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      Re: First 1k Players

      So... Awesome... Must... Resist... Buying new ship... I hope they've finally turned up the ambient heat and em so my Ghost is actually difficult to detect.
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        Re: First 1k Players

        I would totally load this up but I am on break and didn't bring the tower home. Definitely when I get back to school and over Christmas break though! :D
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          Re: First 1k Players

          now first 220,000




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