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  • Playing around in 2.0

    Tonight I spent about 2 hours in game with [MENTION=14958]BeSiege82[/MENTION]. While there are issues with joining into the same server and falling through ships in random spots what an incredible improvement since I was last in game. The following is being g written while I'm half asleep so please pardon the grammar and errors.

    For me that was probably in August, maybe even earlier. My first impression was looking around my hanger and thinking this looks like a finished game should. Movement felt smooth in either first or third person. And the detail on the characters is great.
    [MENTION=14958]BeSiege82[/MENTION] showed me a couple of his ships and I was impressed just getting out of the airlock and looking at them. Flying was just as much fun, interacting with the HUD and being able to move around. I have an Aurora LN so nothing fancy but was able to leave station and come back and land safely (on my third attempt). Learning the key bindings is going to be the biggest learning curve for me in this game. I also look forward to the next time when I hope to have my HOTAS out of the box and in use.

    All-in all I encourage each person who has the game to spend some time and take a look at how far it has come.



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