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  • Thanks for the Games

    [MENTION=93097]Fiddler[/MENTION], [MENTION=52480]Erotic Hippo[/MENTION], and [MENTION=17278]Dimitrius[/MENTION], thanks for stopping by tonight. It was fun. The video recording was great until the in-game sound source failed to catch your voices.

    During this break, I will try to find some clips that might work. I'll spend some time to see if I can edit the recordings.

    Hippo, I loved the back seat commentary. It was great and hearing that the reports about shield status was a really nice addition. Performing combat within the rings of Kerehah (Korea) was very cool, but probably tough on you and Fiddler. Fiddler, getting seasick from using a turret. Hmmmm... Need a bag or a bucket? Well, I was able to pretty much kill a guy and cause another to die in space. Wouldn't mind doing recordings of the guys crewing a ship while shooting the breeze.

    I may not be about getting a ton of views or any crap like that, but being able to show the guys what we have been up to is what I'm for.

    Lesson for cutlass crews:

    1) Pilots need to use those sucker punches to knock down the enemy shields--turrets have broadswords and eventually neutron cannons. If shields are down, then they can really do damage.

    2) Pilots need to be able to give a stable firing solution for their turret gunners. If the pilot is in serious combat, it might be hard to provide this, but a cutlass equipped with a turret behaves and fills the role of a combat gunship. Don't be afraid to do pivots just so your gunner can keep a steady lock on the target.

    3) Gunners, try turning your mouse sensitivity down and drag your hand a little so you can have a better control. If found myself doing a good job once I did that.

    4) Consider getting a 3rd man to use the RIO seat. Another set of eyes and a new member of the popcorn gallery is always fun to have around.

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    Re: Thanks for the Games

    I'm interested in jumping back in tonight if you're around.

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