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  • update 2.6 incoming

    As a heads up, the anticipated release of Star Citizen 2.6 is expected to be released within the next two weeks. It is expected to be released on December 8th, though delays in the release schedule are also expected.

    SC 2.6 is expected to bring in many changes. It is the scheduled patch that will introduce the long awaited FPS mode known as Star Marine. This mode originally was intended to come out over a year ago, but due to overhauls to the FPS controls and the like, it was placed on hold.

    For those who are interested, there are multiple modes for Star Marine. Below is some basic information concerning Star Marine.
    2 maps
    4 v 4
    12 v 12
    Team v Team Death match
    Capture Control Point

    For some other noteworthy information:

    The Drake Caterpillar, the newest addition to the list of flyable ships is actually the new longest flyable ship. It measures in over 100 meters long.

    The 85x, the Herald and the Vanguard Hoplite will also be available to fly.

    Cruise mode is no longer going to be a feature and will require new methods of reaching top speeds. Boost will let you reach those speeds, but will devour fuel.

    And to those who enjoy ship versus ship combat, you will happy to know that there is a new pirate swarm mode that will be competing with the standard vanduul swarm.

    It should also be noted that it appears that new side missions will appear in 2.6, so any players who venture into the universe mode will need to give a heads up if they find them.

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    Thanks for the update buddy.

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      E.T.A. December 16th

      The first wave of Alpha testers are currently testing with a binding NDA. Don't be shocked if you see some videos of contract violators playing 2.6.


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        Check around noon today for the release of the patch.


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          Is it still coming?


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            I believe Ben just explained in the live stream that a problem pushed it back to the 22nd.


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              We can check on the 22nd.

              As some of us discovered, our characters are missing and so are our ships. Though this is a guess, it seems like the database that holds player info was messed with when they tried to reset the money and items player had obtained during the 2.5 testing phase.


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                CIG just sent out a bunch of 2.6 PTU invites to backers including myself. Just check your emaills. Looks like a lot of people got in.


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                  me too


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                    yep me to. will download tonight!
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                      You go ahead, I'll wait to get it downloaded when it goes Live.


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                        they are pushing a lot of new PTU builds to fix the numerous bugs being reported.


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                          Yeah, I'm still getting DC'd alot, and often it won't let me even select a 'universe' instance to spawn in. They've still got a lot of fixing to make it stable. On the bright side, some of the annoying headbobbing that would make your camera sway around has been fixed. So walking around is a lot smoother.
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