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  • Around the Verse info

    Just an around the verse update that caught my eye. Maybe others can add videos if they find anything interesting too.

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    You need to watch the last four videos. I have seen them all up until now, I follow the development pretty closely, but that is just half of what they showed last week =)

    Check it out Siege, it's pretty neat.

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      links might be a good thing at this point. I'll go looking,


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        I kinda dropped out from following closely, seemed like a lot of talking and not a lot of really new info nor visible/exciting progress there for a while. Yes I know they were working on lots of stuff, I'm not criticizing, just saying. Anyway, maybe I need to start paying attention a little more now again?

        Does anyone do like a digest? There are a dang awful lot of shows and content over at RSI. In fact, too much, IMO. Too much fluff (just my opinion). I know some people (enough, apparently) must like to hang on every word every day but who has time for that? I dunno.

        When I do check in sporadically, and come across something of particular interest, I do try and post it back here. But I am by no means monitoring everything closely nor on a regular basis any more. I know others do the same, like this video, and the one Jester posted. Maybe we just keep doing that, those handful of us, to sort of keep tending the flame of interest from extinguishing completely. lol Anyway, I digress...
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          I mostly like seeing videos about the ship progress and monthly reports. If things come out in stuff in between, I generally miss the info.




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