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The Incentive to Kill

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  • The Incentive to Kill

    There is an interesting thread on reddit that touches on the behavior of players and how the method of perma-death will not become a deterrent but rather an incentive for players to hunt each other. The examples include the kill-on-sight behavior that is common to games like The Division, DayZ, and GTA V. The argument even continued to explain that developers of the Division even tried to make this behavior provide zero benefit to the players, but it continued without change.

    I thought it was interesting that some are saying that the "White Knight" groups will hire out organizations to take out targets behind the scenes.

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    Interesting discussion. I admit when reading OP I was concerned that he was making out some very valid concerns, however after reading many of the comments, I am now back to not worrying about it. :)

    Basically, I have faith that CR and team will handle the issues appropriately. And not just based on blind faith, but rather many of the statements they have made about many different play styles being viable (mining, casual players, etc.) and statements about flagging griefers, and the 90% NPC thing, etc. Also, the points about how the player base in SC is very different from say EVE Online for instance, and they are very different games and business models. In other words, I was satisfied and convinced by all the rebuttals given.
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      It is interesting though, as my prediction is that for the first 6 to 9 months, we will need to find new areas. Chaos will be constant and I believe that we will have to be mindful of where we can secure locations for operations. Randy, our fellow members have purchased large scale business and mining vessels alongside of combat ships. My personal goal is to find safe areas for TG to move to as I believe mining areas will not be as open as they are in Elite Dangerous.

      I do worry about the different play styles for the population at TG. Some like PvE and some like PvP. I get that, but I believe that we should first find a good location for TG members to grow and have it away from a number of the stupidly large and pompous groups of players. Many are not good pilots and many don't know what they are doing.




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