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Gabe of Penny Arcade, Beta Impressions

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  • Gabe of Penny Arcade, Beta Impressions

    Fascinating read about some of the core portions of the game that truly make me quite excited for the game.

    I donít want to drill down into too much little stuff about the game but there is one feature I have to tell you about because I think it is really cool. If someone in your party is off grabbing quests while youíre selling junk at a vendor you would have to wait for them to share the quest with you later in any other game. In SW:TOR you get a little message that someone in your party is taking a quest and do you want to join via holoprojector. The first time I saw this I actually said out loud ď**** yeah I want to join via holoprojector!Ē and sure enough your character appears there in all his or her shimmering blue glory. You can interact with the NPC right alongside your partner. Itís a little touch but believe me when I tell you the game is full of smart little bits like this.
    Sweet zombie Jesus on a pogo stick with flames painted all over it, that is AWESOME.

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    Re: Gabe of Penny Arcade, Beta Impressions

    I have to say that is pretty damn awesome. Actually doing it is even better!

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