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    Excellent FREE resources I recommend:

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    o Vehicle training costs 40 000 credits and a vehicle costs 4 000. Have at least that much by the time you hit 25.
    o Companion weapons are upgradeable with mods, do not vendor them!
    o You can only have one crafting skill but can have 2 gathering (may require confirmation).
    o When in doubt, follow your class quests. More often than not your story quests will have you in a level appropriate hub. Complete all the quests in the area before moving on.
    o You will get heroic quests way before you should be doing them, check the suggested level and set it aside until you're higher or in the area.
    o Never buy [Random] vendor items, it's a pointless gamble.
    o Hold off on buying commendation items if you're finishing up a planet, you can turn in those commendations for the next planet if you haven't spent them. (2 commendations from your current planet will convert into 1 on the next)
    o Use any downtime to send your companions on missions. Turning in quests? Send them off on a short mission. Doing a flashpoint or heroic quest? Now's the time to do the longer ones.
    o Don't forget to gear up your companions! Before vendoring something or putting it on the AH see if one of your companions can make use of it.
    o Save your credits. Don't go blowing your wad on vendor blues that will be replaced in a few hours, you'll need that money down the road.
    o As soon as you can, buy some ship upgrades. They go a long way during space combat.
    o Implants are ridiculously uncommon at early levels (think the first quest reward was around level 20), potential money makers if you craft them early on.
    o Fully explore areas, find those datacrons. If you see a junk dealer then buy the key off them. It probably means there's a datacron nearby that you can unlock. Others are gated with puzzles, for example one on Balmorra required 2 people to access. They each had to push a switch simultaneously. Be on the lookout.
    o World heroic bosses are very doable with numbers. If you see a group forming then get in it, don't be intimidated thinking it's a hardcore raid boss.
    o Read the codex if you're unsure how to make dialogue choices to please a companion. It will tell you their likes and dislikes.


    o Area Looting: Preferences -> Controls -> General -> Enable Area Loot. This is the single greatest thing ever to exist ever. Ever.
    o Companion Looting: Shift-Right Clicking sends your companion to loot/gather. (Scavenging allows you to dismantle incapacitated Large Droids for scraps.)

    o Ctrl-MouseWheel Up/Down: Changes Field of Vision. (Think Quake/Unreal Tournament) At the extremes, this is a trippy way to play, but if it is used moderately, it will pull your camera a little further back so you can see a bit more.
    o Shift-MouseWheel Up/Down: Changes Height of Camera. If you have a big hulking character, you can use this feature to raise the camera up a higher so you can see over your character better. You can also use this for a better look at your character when changing and looking at different gear options.

    o Shift-C is Hard Coded to open your chat window, I have not been able to change this. (I use Shift-C to open my Character Sheet in most MMOs.)
    o Alt-MouseWheel Up/Down: Do not set this to Max Camera Zoom In/Out, it has locked my camera in First Person View until removed the keybinding.
    o Do not rebind "F" on a Cover System character as this is the default "Get to Cover" binding.
    o To reset UI, CTRL+u twice.

    o Extra Bars: Through the Interface section in Preferences, the second section allows you to show up to 4 additional Quickslot Bars. One below the Default Bar. (This will push the Default Bar up.) One on the Right Side of the screen, and one on the Left Side of the screen.
    o Keybinding Extra Bars (Submitted by yubbermax): You can set the keybindings of additional quickslot bars with the Keybindings Tap in the Preferences Window. This can allow easier access to more of your abilities on those bars.
    o Companion Bar: You are able to expand the Companion Bar (through a button on his condensed bar) to a full bar. In the Interface section of Preferences, you are able to select which extra Quickslot Bar you wish to expand your Companion's Bar to. (I do the right bar as the left bar is blocked by the chat window.)

    o Selling Trash (Submitted by donkylips9): You can send your companion out for 60seconds to vendor all of your grey items. This option can be found by Right-Clicking your companion's portrait, or under the "tiny head" icon in the Crew Window. During this 60 seconds, your companion will be unavailble to assist you in any way, be it tradeskill, combat, or chat.
    o Trade Skills: SWTOR allows for trade skills. You are able to learn One (1) crafting skills and Two (2) Secondary (Gathering/Mission) skills. Trade skills are handled via the Crew Window. (Keybinding 'N' by default.) Select the Skill you wish to improve upon, a list of Missions will appear with a short description of the mission, the GENERIC REWARD you get from the mission, and the time it will take for your companion to complete the mission. (Also in this window, you will see what skills your selected companion is gifted at. Selecting trade skills based on these proficiencies will increase the gain of materials gained when gathering/crafting. During the time your companion is on the mission, he will be unavailable to you. (So far, I've seen time limits of either 5min or 10min.) It's a good idea when returning from questing to send your Companion out for gathering while you turn in quests, train, and buy/sell.

    o Fast Travel: This works much like the Hearthstone in World of Warcraft, except you can Fast Travel to any Binding Point on your map that you've discovered. Keep a keen eye out for them, they are usually close to the Taxi Service. They have a standard 30minute cooldown.
    o Switching Instances: To cut down on overcrowding, SWTOR uses an Instanced system to separate the same location into multiple copies. When you join a party for a Heroic, you are not always in the same instance. To change, open your map. In the bottom right corner, there is a "World Map" with a title bar labeled "AREA" click the drop down menu and select the instance with your party leader/party in it. THIS WILL USE YOUR FAST TRAVEL HEARTH and you WILL NOT be able to switch instances again for 30 MINUTES.



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