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    Ok, so after playing for quite a while I noticed something about the light/dark side. It rewards you leaning to one side or another. It seems that as you rank up, more and more stuff starts to become locked to alignment. So for example color crystals, armor, weapons, and other things.

    Does this mean that by walking the line of Gray Jedi I am going to be ****ed? I'm only level 15 but from what I have seen the higher you go the more alignment seems to matter. I remember being pissed off in both KOTOR and KOTOR II because both those games forced you to choose one side or the other giving all sorts of benefits to you the more you leaned to one side, and basically screwing you over if you followed the gray jedi path.

    For example I got dark side points for doing things like lieing to a Jedi Master about his padawan, covering up a love affair, and seeking power. But than light side points by helping some innocent people, sparing lives, and refusing to kill. Right now I'm at about 50 lights side points (but with like 300 light and 250 dark total).

    Any ideas? Would like to hear from the guys who are higher level and have seen more of the alignment stuff.
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    Re: Grey Jedi

    I havent seen any real upside or downside to being light or dark yet. Even on my lvl 21 BH. I think it has more to do with your conversations and companion interactions, but the farther you go might yield different results. As of now though, I haven't seen anything really. OH! Except weapons. Some weapons you have to have Darkside 1 or Lightside 1. But I can't think of anything else really....


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      Re: Grey Jedi

      There are no Gray Jedi/Sith rewards as of yet. Dev's have stated this is something they plan to implement later on. I know why they chose to do it but I can't actually say this on a forum post anywhere lolz.

      Anyways, there are no downsides to going Light/Dark. All rewards are mirrored depending on how Light/Dark you end up. All light/dark gear is ranked from Light/Dark 1-5, including some types of weapons (lightsabers for examples) to color crystals (red crystals that require Dark 1 and are unusable by Lightsided Sith/Jedi).

      In the end, you can safely believe that Bioware will not unbalance the "mirroring" of these sides purely because it wasn't their intention to have any real distinction between following one path vs another. Furthermore, there's also a dark side corruption aesthetic that occurs once you go dark side which can be turned on/off on your character via options.




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