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    Here is a guide that has been super helpful:

    Here are the talent builds I plan on using:
    PvP Tanking Build -
    Dropped 3% accuracy, 6% strength, 5 seconds off of Endure to pick up Crash, Intimidation and Unleashed.

    PvE Tanking Build -
    Intimidation, Crash and Unleashed are not solid talents for PvE, therefore, I do not get them. This build is geared more towards single target tanking. I don't put points into Thrown Gauntlet so this build will have slight trouble with tanking multiple mobs.

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    Re: Sith Juggernaut

    If talents stay the same, here is my planned leveling progression. This allows you to unlock the tanking talents as early as possible. This follows my PvE build posted above.

    10. Enraged Sunder
    11. Enraged Sunder (Extra Rage, good stuff)
    12. Quake
    13. Quake (Reducing accuracy of all affected targets is a must have, 5% is huge)
    14. Battle Cry (Only 1 point, you won't be using force charge often enough in an encounter to make this worth while)
    15. Guard Stance
    16. Guard Stance
    17. Guard Stance (6% defense while in Soresu Form, pretty solid)
    18. Lash Out
    19. Lash Out (Reduce the cost of Retaliation, a skill you'll be using often)
    20. Invincible (Feels good!)
    21. Blade Barricade
    22. Blade Barricade
    23. Blade Barricade (Combined with the reduced cost from Lash out, this adds 6% to melee and ranged defenses. Keep this up as much as possible)
    24. Heavy Handed (Only 1 point for now, this wil lunlock your next teir of talents)
    25. Revenge
    26. Revenge (You can go either Revenge or Shield spec first for levels 25-28. Personally, I favor Revenge first.)
    27. Shield Specialization
    28. Shield Specialization (See note on 26.)
    29. Heavy Handed (Only 1 point again, this unlocks your next teir of talents)
    30. Backhand (One of your main abilities as a tank)
    31. Sonic Barrier
    32. Sonic Barrier (100% chance to grant a damage absorb barrier whenever force scream is used, which should be always, yes please.)
    33. Heavy Handed (Finish this talent off 3/3)
    34. Force Grip or Crash (Up to personal opinion, you have to spend a point to get to the next teir)
    35. Sweeping Fury
    36. Sweeping Fury
    37. Sweeping Fury (MORE RAGE, MORE DEATH)
    38. Dark Blood
    39. Dark Blood (This talent just doesn't excite me much but we'll get it anyway)
    40. Crushing Blow

    41. Improved Sundering Assault
    42. Improved Sundering Assault (levels 41 - 45, you can get ISA or Decimate first, up to personal opinion)
    43. Decimate
    44. Decimate
    45. Decimate (See note 42.)
    46. Accuracy
    47. Accuracy
    48. Accuracy (Hell yes, 3% accuracy is big. We have a base 90% accuracy and there is not much that increases accuracy in game)
    49. Dreadnaught
    50. Dreadnaught (6% strength.. yeah why not. You can really put these last two points wherever)




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