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  • BPB says hi

    So, the excessively large (4 people total) BiPolar Bears has reached level 50 and we got stomped pretty hard in heroics. But it was mainly the realization of how bad the gear progression is that stopped us. I couldn't imagine farming Taral V over and over just for tokens and commendations.

    On a related note, I've found that the PvP gear doesn't force you to sacrifice stats in PvE. As it stands, I have a shiny new chestpiece with 56 tanking mods in it that blows away my PvE chest and has expertise to boot.

    If you guys are looking for extra raid members or just another 50 or 2 to PvP with, hit me up.
    FeniX - 50 Guardian (Tank)
    Stumblez - 17 Shadow

    The other guild members are around doing things on alts, but we're still looking for endgame stuff.
    Naora - 50 Sage (Healer) - You may have seen him putting together Belsavis world-boss raids
    Slaughter - 50 Commando (DPS)
    Mumblz - 50 Shadow (DPS)

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    Re: BPB says hi

    Thanks for the info. We would love to hit you guys up and do some heroics and/or flashpoints. Keep checking in here though, I think we are going to try and hit up some more world bosses as well.


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      Re: BPB says hi

      I guess he should have mentioned the BiPolar Bears are Republicans, no affiliation with the dirty Imps. hehe Although I guess it is a bit obvious by their class selections. The Republicans are always looking for more players on Belgoth's Beacon, since we are heavily out numbered by those dirty Imps. I for one am glad to see more Rep 50s around the server, since I only see 50 Imps ganking on the <32 planets.

      It is kind of funny that I have seen you BPB guys hanging around the cargo hold on the Republican Fleet, since I idle there. I knew that Undead(Requia) was questing with you (Fenix), but I didnt know your guild name... nor would have it dawned on me if you were standing next to me at the cargo hold. :D
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