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A note on endgame gear.

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  • A note on endgame gear.

    I know TG is starting to get to the 50 cap, so I'm reposting something I wrote on another forum (and cleaning up the cursing) concerning the endgame gearing process and how to short-cut some of it:

    Upon further research, the anguish disparity of getting gear is becoming more and more evident.

    To Preface, the gear and it's PvE/PvP equivalent
    Tionese (PvE: Hard Mode Flashpoints (FP) and Normal Mode Mode EV (Eternity Vault) (Op/Raid) - Centurion (PvP: Champion Bags drop Commendations)
    Columni (PvE: Hard Mode EV (Op/Raid) and Normal Mode Karagga (Op/Raid) - Champion (Champion Bags or Battlemaster Bags)
    Rakata (PvE: Hard Mode Karagga (Op/Raid) - BattleMaster (PvP BattleMaster Bags)

    I've heard Eternity Vault is easier than any hardmode, but getting 8 people to try it without being in a guild that raids, having a good DPS spec, and having max biochem (hilarity: this game is already WoW): good luck.

    So, as noted in my other post: I can spend 2 hours to try and complete a hardmode Flashpoint to try and get Tionese gear with 51 epic mods/armoring (you can get 50 rares by questing and 50 epics via Cybertech and Artifice). This is usually a 1% (like 3-10 points per primary/secondary stat) gain. Centurion gear isn't really any better than questing rares with the exception of Expertise.

    OR, I can take that 2 hours, do the PvP dailies on Illum and Warfronts, netting me 2 Champion Bags for 5 minutes on Illum and winning 3 warfronts (may take a while depending on your PvP population). Then you can get 6 more bags by doing the 15 points/9 wins for Illum/Warfront dailies. Then you can take all the Warfront Commendations (you need 800) and buy more Champion Bags. Now, to be fair, Centurion gear isn't that great but commendations are a given. And there's only a chance of getting Champion Gear (the stuff you really want) out of each bag. I got lucky: 7 bags so far, 3 pieces of gear (Chest, Gloves, Belt). This gear will result in ~4-5% stat boost over your old stuff if you were keeping up and had level 50 mods. So, a large gain per piece. I don't know how the healing/DPS gear stacks up, but for tanks: this is no doubt the best way to get geared without being carried through ops/FPs. The PvP Tank armor has the exact mods/enhancements a Guardian tank needs (Elusive Mods/Immunity Enhancements).

    Now, the expertise on this gear isn't free. You lose from your core stats in the armoring. For me, I'm losing 19End and 11Str for 36 expertise. But that's comparing to the Columni gear (which is Raid gear and even harder to get). Champion gear still blows away the PvE hardmode (Tionese) gear and is easier to get (even if luck based). Conclusion: Forget Tionese/Centurion gear. Also, Synthweaving makes running hardmodes worthwhile as you can make Rakata level belts and bracers, but you need the Chaos Orb from the last boss.

    There's talk of the PvE and PvP gear system being completely revamped in the next big patch. So, I'm getting while the getting is good. The more Champion gear I get now, the better off I'll be. And since there's no actual PvP going on in the PvP area of Illum, it's pretty easy, if not frustrating to get gear.

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    Re: A note on endgame gear.

    What got this started was the difficulty ramp you will face when doing hardmode flashpoints. Bioware's endgame content is pretty uninspired. Almost every boss is a tank/spank with "stay out of the fire" and the possibility of 1-2 mechanics you will need to learn. Other than that, the bosses hit hard, straining the Healer and Tank and most have hard enrages demanding the absolute best DPS you can manage.

    In a full set of modded gear (epic 50 armoring, and only a few 48 mods) and only missing 1 piece (implant) of non-50 gear, I was getting hit for 3.5k by bosses. That is extremely high. Losing threat for even a moment can result in failure and adds are prone to drop aggro whenever they feel like it. Wipes are common and repair bills get astronomical.

    Note: if you read the first post, the gear you get for beating these hardmode flashpoints (over and over for crystal and commendations, mind you) offers at best a 1% stat increase over what you were using to beat them. It's not until you snag some Columni (raid gear) will things get that much easier.

    I waited till 50 to do any PvP and I'm regretting it because the gear is much better and easier to get.




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