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Republic: Crafting Skills

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  • [INFO] Republic: Crafting Skills

    Posr up what skills your doing and the level at time of writing. You can update later or ask me to update for you!

    I am doing synthweaving with archaeology and underworld trading.

    Synthweaving: 331
    archaeology: 400
    Underworld Trading: 200
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    I have just started an trooper in the republic side who will also be a crafters of some sort. Let me know why the guild needs.


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      Re: Republic: Crafting Skills

      Cybertech: 400
      Scavenging: 400
      Underworld Trading: 400


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        Re: Republic: Crafting Skills

        Theeangel , Jedi Sentinel lvl 50
        Armormech: 400 .. it leans toward heavy armor(tech & aim) & medium armor(+cunning)
        Scavenging: 400
        Underworld Trading: 400

        Thee-Angel , Trooper Commando lvl 35... Plan to drop Slicing for Biochem and Scavenging for Diplomacy once leveled
        Bioanalysis: 400
        Scavenging: 400
        Slicing: 320~

        Zekk-Qwon , Jedi Guardian lvl 20 ... plan to drop Slicing for Diplomacy to support Biochem
        Archeology: 160~
        Scavenging: 180~
        Slicing: 160~

        Angelina , Consular Sage lvl <10... Plan on going Synthweaving here
        Archeology: ~
        Bioanalysis: ~
        Slicing: ~

        ... I like to take on the gathering skills at lower levels to just gather all the materials possible. This extreme hording allowed me to level up Armormech in 2 days(not play time) after I hit level 50... Then again I did have 5 companions crafting at all times and burned through several hundred pieces of materials. I had it up to ~150 in the first couple hours, by the time I went to bed the first day I already had it up to ~270. I started the character off with Archeo/Scav/Slicing which also let me work the market place like I am Macy's, more like Old Navy (huge stockpiles of the same materials other sellers have + highly overly priced materials = high profits and my first 2 million credits without crafting anything)

        Besides, Slicing lets you pick up all those boxes of money that they leave laying around on every planet!
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