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UI Setup for my healer

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  • UI Setup for my healer

    so tonight i was having a hard time trying to heal and do combat when im soloing so ive decided to switch my ui around to make it more friendly for me. took a few screenies to show how i have it setup. can copy it if you like, doesn't matter to me.

    so (Quickbar 2) Alt+ 1-= is my heal spells & energy regen combat skills, and the rest of my healing abilities will be put on that quickbar. (Shift+1) 1-= either in crouch or standing stance will be my combat abilities. Quickbar 3 (Shift+2) will be the out of combat regen, and buffs. (Shift+3) Stealth abilities & Speeder Mount. (Shift+4) CC abilities example slice droid, Tranquilizer. (Shift+5) Quick travel, fleet travel & sprint, abilites that i will rarely use. may look a bit confusing but its working so far for me, i am able to switch targets when i solo to heal my companion and target enemy troops with ease.

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    Re: UI Setup for my healer

    On my healers, I set up two bars, one for solo play and one for group healing. Most of the utility skills were the same on the right hand side of the two bars, but the skill from 1-6 were the different. Useful self heals, and "oh-crap" skills, I put on the Alt-# bar as those were used both in solo and group play.

    I found the raid style health bars to be more to my liking. They show you and all other group members in one spot and stands out more. I did tweak them to be longer and there is/was an option to show raid health bars all the times.

    How do you get the third skill bar on the left? I could only get two bars to show up which is frustrating.




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