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    From reddit-

    Stream Notes: (Will Update) This Update Hits the 12th of April :D "We read your feedback, trust us" Devs listen ti community confirmed.
    Incursions were hard, they made them harder, "Don't expect to beat it on the first or second time."
    Best Gear and Weapons in the Incursions.
    Concept art shows a really cool underground, huge area for "Falcon Lost," LMB is confirmed as main enemies and have access to vehicles.
    4 different gear sets, powerful talents are granted when you have all the gear in a set equipped, will "change the way we play," Sets are a green color, diffrent green from Uncommom.
    Gear Sets are a reward for Incursions, how common or rare all depends. One gear set is specific to the Dark Zone experience (called "Path of the Nomad").
    "Strikers Battle Gear" Combat assault, for grunts.
    "Sentry's Assault" For Electronics lovers.
    "There are blueprints for Gear sets"
    Looks like a gear set for each play style.
    "When you hit level 30, item level will be removed and "Gear Score" will be added."
    Gear Sets require a trade off, probably sacrificing stats for the powerful bonuses.
    Instead of player levels in the future, we will see there gear score.
    Confirmed that we will be able to view players gear.
    "Trading" If a group is playing and they all get a good drop, they can trade stuff they don't want.
    In Dark Zone must trade at checkpoints, protect players from stealing.
    The "500 Slot" Backpack was just a dev build, Massive pls nerf Dev.
    Trading works by dropping it on the ground, that means that a random person in a group can steal your gear. Be carful.
    "Assignments" Weekly and Daily objectives, already on your map, you will get Phoenix credits, division tech (No Word on HE). Some is Combat Themed, Dark Zone Themed. "Kill X number of Rikers."
    "Supply Drops" Dark Zone item, "really good loot in them," available to whole group. You don't need to extract these items. Happens once every hour, guarded by "Tough Enemies."
    "Spectator Camera" You can view other players after you die, FINALLY. Switch Between them, move around the camera, sounds like the way they have it in GTA: Online when you die.
    Now showing a "hilarious" community video. Its not.
    Most predictable way to get Gear Sets is Incursions, however you can get them anywhere. Falcon Lost Specific:
    Incursion Specific:
    LMB have taken over a water plant, FL is underground.
    Story wise you NEED to retake the water plant
    4 Man Squad only, you don't see player levels, just gear score. Looks better honestly.
    Story Wise (Spoiler Warnings) Bliss is dead (shocking) new person has taken over, big explosions happen.
    Some objectives in the incursion include a "Eliminate X number of waves" and "Destroy APC"
    2 Difficulties, Hard Mode is the easiest, at least Level 31 gear to be effective. Then Challenge Mode, you need the new gear to be effective. Overall, needs a higher level of focus.
    Challenge mode is "brutal," the best developers and the best gear took them a couple days to beat it on challenge mode.
    Its very fun, if you love a challenge, get ready for tactical gameplay.
    There will be more Incursions after this "Many More"
    Story wise, there are big events happening in the world.
    Need a good group, need good synergy, might be hard with randoms.
    Will probably start to use more consumables.
    APC does huge damage, but you can get away from fire.
    There are flying "Drones" that need to be dealt with differently versus humans. Complete 180 in terms of facing them.
    Matchmaking, required gear score though.
    If you fail, all die, you start from the beginning.
    If you beat it, you may get a "good gun" and may get a gear set item.
    NO WEEKLY TIMER, however for the first time you do it for that week, you get a better reward.
    ~Can't~ Can damage APC with bullets, not too effective. Best way to kill it with a new mechanic.
    "Group coordination is key."
    Completely new location.
    Future Incursions will have new mechanics, they have played them.
    Challenge mode is the sure fire way to get Gear Sets.
    You can get the weekly reward with multiple characters.
    Thats it :)



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