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Blocking out of region servers

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  • Blocking out of region servers

    Having lots of lag or Chinese hackers? Here's a link on how to prevent joining the out of region servers. (go to the link for links within the text)

    I have been having a lot of lags issues on TD since the launch, this video showed me why , and how to prevent this from happening.
    To sum up, i live in France and i kept logging in on a Chinese server, with 350ms ping. The only way i found was to join friends' sessions, which was fine, except when none of them was online.
    In the video, the dude explains how to check server IP with ressource monitor, then how to add rules to your firewall to block in/out connections between the server and your PC. Really, it helped me a lot, sorry if there is another post about this, did not find it.
    Thx to Xdeadzx for making this video and fl-native for listing what he found : What I have located so far. By no means a definitive or guaranteed to be accurate, but I have included links to the respective Regional Internet Registrars (RIR).
    China -
    Europe?/France? -
    Australia -
    Canada -
    Germany -
    USA -
    [edit]: Well, I blocked chinese ip, now it constantly connects to which I can't block since it's also the login server range. (╯□)╯︵ ┻━┻

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    Re: Blocking out of region servers

    Don't block Europe! We want to team up with you guys! If you do, the terrorists win!




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