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War Thunder 1.43 Released!

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  • War Thunder 1.43 Released!

    The long-awaited 1.43 patch for War Thunder was released today, and it's a doozie.

    Full patch notes: War Thunder - Development Blog

    It's a big update, and the download servers seem pretty stressed at the moment, but I'll try to post some impressions once I am able to play for a bit.

    Aside from the requisite new vehicles (26 new aircraft, 17 new ground vehicles), new maps (4 maps, plus modifications of old ground forces maps), new sound effects, new visuals, new single player missions and campaigns, new skins and decals, flight model updates, new cockpits, balance tweaks, and bug fixes, there are some semi-major new features too.

    There is a new game mode for aircraft - the air race mode, where weapons are deactivated and players fly a timed course of aerial markers, with penalties for missing markers. It looks like a blast, although collisions both intentional and accidental look like they could be a big issue.

    Ground forces has gotten some pretty awesome quality of life features. First is a fantastic-looking 3D armor and module viewing feature, which shows not only crew locations and armor thicknesses, but also angels from the vertical, and armor type (rolled homogeneous, cast, track links, etc.). You can also use some features of the 3D-viewer in battle to check up on crew/module status. There is also a new kill-cam feature that will show the path of the shell that killed you as it penetrates your armor, creates spall, detonates inside, and which modules and crew it destroyed/damaged. About half the new ground vehicles added are higher-tier mobile AA, which should make balancing mixed air/land battles easier.

    Useful for both ground forces and the airborne game (but especially switching between the two) is the new ability to save vehicle lineups in order to switch between them easier.

    See you on the ground or in the skies... if anyone still plays this game. :P

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