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15 Jan 15 Simulator Event - The Sign of Things to Come?

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  • 15 Jan 15 Simulator Event - The Sign of Things to Come?

    War Thunder is running an event this weekend. It has already begun.

    War Thunder - Next-Gen MMO Combat Game for PC, Mac and Playstation4 | Play for free now! - [Event] Chronicles of World War II - Simulator Special

    This event has several things we almost never see, and some things we've never seen from War Thunder.

    1) A proper simulator event
    2) A mixed battle event
    3) Modified "full sim" ruleset
    4) Join-in-progress is active for the first 10 minutes of the battle

    The event is a two-base capture played on the full-size Poland map and depicts a late-war confrontation between German and Soviet forces. For this event players can use an assortment of armored vehicles and aircraft, and get one respawn per battle. There are no vehicle markers, friendly or enemy. There are no markers (friendly or enemy) on the minimap. There is no HUD instrumentation (speed, RPM, altitude, etc).

    This is *fantastic* to play, and I highly recommend you all take the time to play a game or two. It is as if Gaijin actually listened to the feedback on simulator battles and is testing out potential changes to sim battles! The atmosphere is so much better than a regular game - players communicate, spotting is challenging and rewarding, identifying your targets is of critical importance, and watching the air battle unfold overhead is amazing. If this is the future of War Thunder, it will be a good future.

    Now, it's still not perfect. The hitcam is still in for ground vehicles, presumably an oversight. As not all planes have cockpits, some planes cannot tell their airspeed at all. Balance is off for this event as the Russian team is facing Panthers and Tigers with only IS-2s and T-34/85s, and are getting crushed pretty much every match. (On the ground, things are more balanced in the air)

    On the whole though, this is one of the most exciting things I have seen happen in War Thunder in a long time. Cheers!
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