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  • Help offered/needed by Eive

    Hello all a quick note to all )
    The fire has been ignited and the need is there. The desire burns almost out of control ....... Ok ok you all get your minds out of the gutter lol... Of which i speak is the want for the entire Shadowcraft armor set for Eive... which entails hitting Scholo, Strat ( scarlet and baron sides), BRD, and BRS (upper and lower). These instances also drop the desired pieces for tier 1 class armor sets as well. I intend to put together 10 man/woman/person, (damn being politically correct), raid groups multiple times throughout the weekend. Probably running several or the same instance 3 or 4 times a night... Plan on it being a 3hr run minimum per instance (taking into consideration afk / bio breaks). I intend to start running the raids approx around 10 pm EST ( 9pm server time) Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings.

    Now to the help offered..
    I will be bringing on Eive around 8pm est ( 7 pm server time). Those who need or would like help with the lower lvl chac of the guild ( quests in westfall, Deadmines, wax on wax off VC, VC takes about an hour and a half to kill everything with me and 2 lower lvls) Eive will be available to help up until 30 min b4 the raid starts to form.

    GRATZ!! to Crimson for getting his Priest (Crimsonlight) to lvl 40 and procuring his mount. /CHEER !!!!

    Sorry for the long post and see you all ingame )

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    Re: Help offered/needed by Eive

    Roger, Eive! I'll see what i can do. Midday raids are always nice..


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      Re: Help offered/needed by Eive

      If im on I really really want to come :)
      Can you send me a message when you guys go?


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