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Blackholed into Oblivion

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  • Blackholed into Oblivion

    As of 9:30am cst, im still blackholed into nothingness. I got this message from blizzard about 10 mins before i logged on to check.

    Greetings Jesse,

    Thank you for contacting the World of Warcraft Game Master Department.

    The character was moved to resolve this issue. If you find that you need further assistance to address this complication, please submit another petition the next time you log into the World of Warcraft.

    Thank you again for contacting us. We hope you continue to enjoy your experience in World of Warcraft!

    *** Please do not respond to this email as all conversations on this matter would be best handled online. ***

    Game Master

    Customer satisfaction is a top priority here at Blizzard Entertainment, and we would like your feedback on the level of service you have received. Please feel free to provide such feedback at the following web address:

    And still I sit in the giant nothingness, the Sphincter of the WoW World, as Crimson called it. Emo sad =( .

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    Re: Blackholed into Oblivion

    Glad to see they helped you by not helping you at all. You're all set now though, right?


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      Re: Blackholed into Oblivion

      yep out and about,doing things, weapon chain runs i slings, while these rimmes i sings, spin a mad web of discontent with my ill content, a brief stint to stunt your growth, like Deptydude and his roadie, id like to choke em both, but i just blow em off and light up a smoke, cause when they see the TG they know we dont joke.

      sorry, im feeling lyrical today, that 35k i was gonna have to shell has been reduced to a couple grand. all is well.


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        Re: Blackholed into Oblivion

        don't apolagize, that was actually pretty catchy.
        frowning takes 47 muscles, and smiling only take 17, but sitting there with a zombie like stare on your face takes 0, we have a winner.

        The fights are so bitter because the stakes are so small. -watch words of academia




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