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  • Higher End Raids

    This was actually brought up last night, and I thought it was a pretty good idea. Can we start a thread about higher end/end game raid planning. Posting times/dates, etc, etc. For example:

    7/21/05 (Skeets Birthday)

    Where: Hearthglen/Western Plaugelands
    When: 9:00pm cst (sorry so late, i have to drive back from BHAM)

    All of you who are interested or actually have quest in the area, drop a line. We can do a raid if noone has quest, or several 5 man groups depending on numbers. These are Lvl 50+ area's w/ Hearthglen being 58+. The raid will last until everyone decides to call it quits. Some of the more famous drops from the area are: Brightwood staff(epic) Krol Blade(epic) Crusader Enchant( epic drop rate) Righteous Orb( epic drop rate) and Travelers Backpack( 16 slot pwns joo!!). If we have any high level lockpickers, there are quite a few chest in the area that trusesilver keys will not work on. If anyone wants to come out of pocket w/ Arcanite keys, those will work too. Hope to see everyone there, I know its short notice, but you gotta start somewhere.

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    Re: Higher End Raids

    i think this is an excellent idea ...and maybe i can get my lock picking skills on ricca high enough so when i am ready to go there she can pick the locks..ricca
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