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  • Darkmoon Faire

    So ...

    Anybody check out the Darkmoon Faire in Goldshire yet ? I cannot wait, I've been saving up mats for this epic necklace since I first heard about it (drool):

    Amulet of the Darkmoon (epic necklace)
    +10 Strength
    +19 Agility
    +8 Stamina
    Requires level 57

    Perfect for rogues / hunters (and hell, great for warriors / pallies also). There's also a nice caster's necklace:

    Orb of the Darkmoon (epic necklace)
    +19 Stamina
    +8 Spirit
    Equip: +12 damage/healing
    Requires Level 57

    I'm hoping I have enough left over tickets to pass onto Unko so that he can pick that up and use it once he gains 40 more levels :)

    Anyways, if you haven't heard about the faire, do check out this link:

    If you're interested in any of those items, I'd get on gathering the ingredients ASAP ! I have the feeling prices on things like thorium and rugged leather are gonna maybe double over the next week or so, and maybe stay that way for a while.

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    Re: Darkmoon Faire

    Thank you for this wealth of information!! I have been trying to figure out who drops what cards and have had an awful time locating the info. This is VERY helpful, guys- go check it out!


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      Re: Darkmoon Faire

      Whoa ya I want that necklace gonna have to check this out
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        Re: Darkmoon Faire

        i was reading this and im like, this stuff is really cool but wait, the number of tickets you need are big, 1200 for the necklace that im sure everyone is eyeing. long story short, blizzard just said, farming pays off in tickets instead of gold if you farm the right stuff, which means more grinding. i fail to find this joyful.
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          Re: Darkmoon Faire

          i tend to agree cerevox, the neclace is cool... but the work i would have to do to get enought tickets, just doent seem like something i would want to spend a lot of time doing. still i think it is a cool idea, and im glad blizzard is bringing new things into the game.


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            Re: Darkmoon Faire

            DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME !!!

            Blizz SERIOUSLY nerfed those 2 necklaces from test to retail, and IMO the time and effort it takes to get them is in no way worth it. Check out that goblinworkshop link again, the info has been updated with the newly stat-reduced items :( :( :(

            Gah ! I had everything I needed to get them also, this sucks big time. Oh well, I'm hoping they introduce those epics again, because as it stands faction rep is capped to about 1/2-way through friendly with the darkmoon guys. I'm hoping that upping to exalted or something will give you access to those nice epic necklaces.


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              Re: Darkmoon Faire

              Emo sad face >=---(




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