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  • Armor Sets - Shadowcraft and alternatives

    Okay, sitting here bored at work. 3 more days until my last day, and I don't really feel like doing anything. So here's some rogue gear info, I have a feeling this is gonna be a rather huge post.

    As I'm not the biggest fan of Shadowcraft gear, I don't even care if I get the whole set or not (currently, I have ZERO pieces !!). I think the only SC gear I drool over is the cap. Anyways, I'll just list the SC gear, and what I think are a few alternatives, some may be better, some worse, but all should be easier to attain than the SC counterpart. That way you have some quality stop gaps to fill out your armor while you try to complete your set. Some of these stopgaps you will have to buy, but IMO a lot are better than their SC counterparts anyways, so the money spent is well worth it. After this post, I'll write up some rogue weapon drops and locations.

    Shadowcraft Belt (LBRS random mob drop I believe):

    Alternative - Serpentine Sash (rare world drop). Gonna have to fork over the cash at the AH for this one, but I frequently see them so obtaining one shouldn't be too hard:

    Shadowcraft Boots (Rattlecore - Scholomance 12%):

    Alternative - Pads of the Dread Wolf (Halycon - LBRS 14%). Never tried, but believe this is do-able with 2 rogues. Attack power out the wazoo:

    Shadowcraft Braces (Scholo random mob drop):

    Deepfury Bracers (rare world drop). I think they go for like 30g at the AH, very nice bracers:

    Bracers of the Eclipse (Prince Tortheldrin - DM 20%). I'm including this because of how f'n awesome these bracers are. I have no idea how hard they are to get:

    Shadowcraft Cap (Darkmaster Gandling - Scholomance 7%):

    Ghostshroud (BRD - Chest of Seven 20%). Can be a pain in the butt to get, not nice as SC cap, but still a great headpiece:

    Felhide Cap (Lethtendris - DM 30%). Probably easier to get than Ghostshroud, and the fire resistence might be good for MC gear (I dunno, that's a stretch):

    Wicked Leather Headband (recipe, get from AH). Oh yeah baby, I'm linking a GREEN. But this is a nice green, and a very capable stop-gap headpiece esp. since it goes for < 5g at AH:

    Shadowcraft Gloves (Shadow Hunter Vosh'gajin - LBRS 12%):

    Devilsaur Gauntlets (Recipe, buy at AH, or farm for ingredients and I think I know someone that can still make them). This set is crit%, hit%, and attack power++. I love it !!

    Shadowcraft Pants (Baron Rivendare - Stratholme 8%):

    Devilsaur Leggings (Recipe, buy at AH, or farm for ingredients and I think I know someone that can still make them):

    Shadowcraft Shoulders (Cannon Master Willy - Stratholme 11%):

    Spaulders of the Unseen (rare world drop, get from AH for about 125g). This is almost more dr00d / hunter gear, but still great for rogues:

    Wyrmtongue Shoulders (Balnazzar - Stratholme 13%). I want these bad boys !!:

    Shadowcraft Tunic (General Drakkisath - BRS 6%). Who the hell wants a piece of armor called a tunic ?!?:

    Fungus Shroud Armor (Meshlok the Harvester - Maraudon 30%). Of course not great great armor, but if you're really hurting in the chest dept. this has great stats, and is very easily solo'd by a rogue:

    Stormshroud Armor (recipe, get at AH for ~100g). Great chest armor, it's what I'm wearing now:

    Cadaverous Armor (random Scholo mob drop). I want this, if I had it I would sleep in it at night:

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    Re: Armor Sets - Shadowcraft and alternatives

    Figured I'd put together some good rogue weapons and where they drop, can you tell I'm bored ? Not gonna talk epic (even felstriker, even though that might be the best non-MC rogue dagger drop outside of the PVP lobotomizer). Also, I'll focus more on daggers since that's pretty much what I know. I've never gone combat / sword spec'd, so I don't have much to offer on that. Pretty much go run UBRS a million times to get Dal'Rends set with +15 agi buffs on each, I don't really know if it gets better than that until MC epics drop for you.

    Main Hand

    Barman Shanker (Plugger Spazzring - BRD 4.5%): The high top-end damage as well as the high delay make this a great main-hand dagger for BS / ambush rogue. And also very easily attainable (if you're either lucky or have patience). Need the shadowforge key, and it drops off Plugger in BRD. Can be stealth run'd and can even be very easily solo'd, although it's quicker to duo (2 x rogue, or rogue / dr00d), better for the cost factor (no need to buy shadow prot pots) and easier to reset instance. Proc is el-crapo however, as it bumps mobs out of gouge, and you may be forced to use another dagger in MC as many guilds have banned its use as it can replace debuffs with its crappy one. May change in next patch as I believe debuffing is getting a fix. Any rogues that want this send me tells, I can take you guys on stealth runs around lvl 54 I believe.

    Demon Blade of Power (uncommon world drop, get at AH for about 20g): Nice dagger, but looking over this one might not think it's worth the 20g+ it can demand at the AH. But from what I've heard it's the dagger of choice for shanker wielding rogues in MC since it's comparable damage-wise, but without the awful debuff proc. Somewhat slow delay (1.8), decent top-end damage, and +30 attack power.


    Distracting Dagger (Prince Tortheldrin - DM 18%): 1.3 delay ? Sign me up ! This is a really nice dagger, but killing the Prince probably isn't the easiest to do. Good drop rate, tho.

    Scarlet Kris (rare world drop, seems to drop mostly in instances though): Great stats and very fast. I would just assume you'd have to be very lucky (or very rich) to get this dagger. Worth it ? Maybe, but I still have another favorite off-hand dagger over this one so I doubt I'd fork over the cash for it. Still, an excellent dagger, you won't go wrong with it, and unlike many nice things weapon-wise for rogues, it's BoE.

    Heartseeker (recipe, buy at AH for ~400g): I dunno about this dagger. It's not a bad dagger, in fact it's quite a good dagger. Until you look at how much it costs, and then well it pretty much sucks. Where does the HS really fit in ? At 1.7 delay, it's too fast to seriously be considered as a main-hand for a BS / ambush rogue. The Barman Shanker is pretty much free even if it takes you 35 runs of plugger to get it, and it will out damage heartseeker for BS / ambush even for rogues with modest AP. And at 1.7 delay it's too slow to be seriously considered as an optimal off-hander. It's got great dps, but if you want sustainable dps as a rogue you should be dual-wielding swords, dual dagger rogues are about burst damage. So, in the end, it's not a bad dagger, there are just more likely better (and cheaper) ones out there for what you want to accomplish.

    Bonescraper (Baron Rivendare - Stratholme 5%): Excellent rogue off-hand dagger, very very fast and a great AP boost. This is my favorite off-hander, I think. Not that I would know, since I don't have it, but it's definitely what I'm hoping to get. Unfortunately, that 5% drop means about 20 runs through the baron side, who wants to come with me ?




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