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Molten Core -- How to be Successful

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  • Molten Core -- How to be Successful

    The purpose of this forum is to gather ideas from each class and player as to how to be successful in MC. Ideally, each class can offer ideas about what roles they can and cannot fulfill and what is the best strategic way to be successful. Those who have been to MC know that zerging is out of the question (and for 40 60's, thats scary) as plenty of good players have wiped repeatedly down there. However, intelligent planning, preperation, and teamwork could prevent even a single wipe.

    Recently, i had an MC experience that was rather poor, but it was due to lack of planning, communication, and patience. Tactical Gamers strikes me as a group the is interested in success and wants to avoid the problems that waste our good game time.

    Hopefully, players will take a moment to think about their class and offer good suggestions as to how they can best help the group. Then, the officers of Tactical Gamers, in cooperation with their sister MC guilds, can formulate a winning strategy from their own experiences and yours as well.

    So, please add your voice so that your leaders, who know their own classes very well, but maybe not yours....can lead us to victory over the Fire god.

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    Re: Molten Core -- How to be Successful


    The primary job of the Lock is his/her curses and DPS, and as most of us grumble about, we have an 8 debuff limit. However, i think there needs to be more consideration into the lock roll than just that they get to be 1 of the few classes to debuff...

    Warlocks will need to conserve Shards, especially in the beginning, because of the sheer lack of mobs to soul drain. This means no summoning..all players can walk to the entrance. It also means the locks must have a set rotation on Soul Stones, and it means that giving the party Healthstones is at a minimum. Locks will need to summon pets other than the imp, and their shards will be necessary then. Also, if we need to alter the raid members later in the run, summoning WILL become a necessity at that time, and it is the responsibility of the lock to be able to bring in new recruits.

    Thanks to Master Demonology and other traits, different locks will want to use different pets and it should be left up to the lock as to which they use. However, i submit, that pets should remain OUT OF BATTLE as much as possible. Locks, feel free to argue with me on the matter. As i mentioned, Shard consumption is a serious problem and the last thing we need is a lock that must resummon a Succubus after each fight.

    As far as curses, Curse of Shadow (CoS) is a must as a team player, but we don't need all the locks casting it. Have a specific lock be put in charge of it,and a secondary lock in charge of CoS for any additional mobs in the fight. Fighting each other over curse casting is a great way to mess up the debuffs : (

    If our leaders want Mages to use Ice, then Curse of Elements is also a priority, but thats something that Mages need to discuss. If, for instance, Mages decide to avoid ice spells, then the locks need to know so they don't waste a debuff on it. But is Ice is a go, CoE needs to be treated like CoS, with a primary lock in charge of it.

    Banish is great in MC cause it makes us Locks feel like heroes when that add charges in. It might be wise to have a designated lock be a look-out for elemental adds to put them on the cooldown. Please note that in MC, Banish has diminishing returns and we can't hold them forever. Also, the rock elementals mov e at incredible speed which pulls them out of range of banish often. Players need to trust their locks are working hard to banish adds and not waste time typing "Banish" while they dcould be drinking a pot or running to protect a healer.

    I suggest all locks carry Major Mana potions and ignore their need to drink Health Pots when they are near dead. A lot of locks feel low on the healing priority list, so we sometimes panic and heal when close to death (warriors are used to almost dying, we aren't). Last time in MC i had to Life Tap to keep fighting and that was simply dangerous, plus healers shouldn't have to keep me alive (cause i'm tapping) when they need to focus on the tanks and keeping their aggro under control.

    I hope to hear from other classes on their strengths and limits, as well as fellow locks agreeing or disagreeing with my suggestions. I'll see you all in the Core.


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      Re: Molten Core -- How to be Successful

      From my limited experience in MC, let me let you guys know what I have observed as the role for a Paladin.

      First and foremost, you are the blessing/cleansing spambot. You absolutely must dole out generous helpings of each of these, and keep on top of your timers as they expire. Blessing of Light stacks, in case you weren't sure what clessing to give out- that one can never be a bad thing. Salvation is also important for the casters, and Kings for the tanks.

      Our actual in-battle role changes, depending on who we are fighting against. Sometimes, we need to tank. We need to keep an eye on the health of our party members, in case the priest is slacking or overwhelmed. We need to Ressurrect other players often. Still another role of ours is sometimes to stay out of battle entirely, in order to heal/res people as they die in combat, without putting ourselves into combat. Once again, the Jack of all Trades characteristic of Paladins seems to show itself clearly in Molten Core.

      Communication is critical- each party will need a leader, and only the leaders should be utilizing teamspeak. Much like we have previously done in FPS games, it might be wise of us to set up keybinds and separate our Raid leader from our Squad leaders, and separate the SL from the infantry folks. I can explain this better in another post, but I think it will be very effective for us and our purposes.

      Another note that you guys might not have heard of- did you know that if you are backing up while a monster casts fear, that you will not be feared? There is an add-on out there that uses a timer to say "5 seconds until fear" and notes for particular classes on when to cast what spell that show up in the middle of your screen. We need to find out what component of what mod that is, to use it to our advantage. It really helps in crowd management, seeing as directing 40 people is no small task to manage.

      I have alot more to mention, but I need to head to the doctor's office. I'll be back shortly to add to this.


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        Re: Molten Core -- How to be Successful

        From my few MC runs I have learned two things: Know your role and just do it. And you can never, absoloutely never, have enough fire resistance in that friggin place. I recommend in the 180+ catagorey, as many fire buffs as possible, and hell down some pots too. The first time i ran MC i went through with all Thorium armor for the resist and it helped just enough to keep me from dying with pally buffs and pots. Get your flame retardent materials on if you wanna live in MC!!


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          Re: Molten Core -- How to be Successful

          The role of the Mage:

          From my limited MC experience i noticed that it a mage needs to be up on there Arcane Brilliance buff and make sure they bring plenty of Arcane Powder with them. I suggest bring at least 40 to make sure you never run out. Another thing i noticed is that before you start MC there should be an assigned leader for each class and they should be telling what every person in there class needs to do. But before i get more into that, this is why i say it would be helpful. This way the lead mage can assign every mage a group to give there Arcane Brilliance buff to and when people say their group doesn't have it. They know that it is there job to give it to them.

          Another thing that is important for the mages including myself is to realize if you are a fire mage, your spells won't be as effective as ice or arcane will be. So i would suggest getting gear that not only has Fire Resistance but also a bonus to either frost or arcane spells or a general bonus to magic.

          It is also important for a mage to becareful how they deal out there spells as to not attract to much aggro. I would say pace yourself by casting a spell every 10 to 15 seconds.

          And the last thing i can think of at this time is to make sure your Blizzard spell is easy accessible and you know how to place it to get the best use out of it, cause there are a lot of mobs in MC that ask a mage to only use AoE's.

          That is all i can think of as far as a mages job goes, but on another note as far as having a leader for each class something that i thought might help classes out and not cludder up the raid channel is to create a channel for example TGmages that way if a class leader needs to give out orders to people they can do it without to much confusion and spam.

          I hope this info helps out for a future MC run
          70 Night Elf Priest-Lunaar(holy)
          70 Human Mage-Alava(Fire)
          70 Night Elf Hunter-Insai(Beast Master)
          70 Dwarf Paladin-Ginoldor(Protection)
          70 Human Warrior-Revenged(Protection)
          70 Draenei Shaman-Tianora(Elemental)
          70 Draenei Shaman-Fayrel(Restoration)
          50 Undead Priest-Eikyl(Shadow)


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            Re: Molten Core -- How to be Successful

            Not sure if the TG crew has begun running MC or whatnot, but I would be glad to answer questions you may have about mobs/encounters in the zone. My guild has been running mc for months, and have had ragnaros on farming status for quite a while now.

            My character is a Warlock, on Illidan (PvP) in guild Permafrost. I used to play NS here at TG, but then wow consumed my gaming time ><.

            My experience as an MC warlock.
            My jobs in a High end raiding has been to summon (the most painful part of the job), curse, provide healthstones, dps. The demands of such a guild combined with pvp shard demands has led me to devote 3 Onyxia Bags (18 slot) to shards (yep 54 slots). I try to keep them stocked to meet the guilds needs. Shards are generally not a big deal, as there is ALOT of trash to kill in a molten core clearing, of course this depends on how far into MC your guild has progressed. They become an issue when we wipe over and over in BWL (Blackwign Lair) trying to learn the new encoutners :( (so they may be an issue to a fresh guild in mc). There are usually only 2 warlocks (including myself) during our mc raids, with a maximum of 4. The class, along with druids are our minorities in raids.

            Generally a warlock will only spam Shadowbolts in mc, debuff units, and banish as needed. Many mobs in MC are resistant to fire, hence you will mainly be using CoS (CoE still DOES NOT work with frost, something with how frost resistances work, hence don't waste a debuff slot for that, only on mobs which fire works on). Generally, DOTs will not last long on the 8 debuffs in a 40 man raid, hence, shadowbolt is your only viable choice of dps. The curses are a nice bonus to dps, however they generally don't last long with 8 debuff slots, but on a boss fight your raid should make an effort to control their debuffs/procs/abilities if possible.

            If you are new to MC, having warlocks with blood pact in your MT/OT (main tank /off tank groups) is a good idea, don't go anal on them about it once you have the fights down ;). Handing out Healthstones to your tanks, can also be a life saver. MD (Master Demonologist) specced warlocks will find that all their pets have uses (Succubus sacrifice for +dmg, Felhunter +resists on lava packs!, imp blood pact/less agro, void walker +health regen when sacrificed). You may also find that a doomguard helps you when first trying Magmadar (cripple), although this can make the encounter a little more hectic if you don't have experience raiding together.

            You generally want to, dps and life tap/bandage as needed in the longer fights, although sometimes you get nice healers :D (of course this is dependent on your build, some like Dark Pact for minimal downtime). Warlocks (at least in our raids) are prone to pulling agro if they are well geared, and specced with SM/Ruin or MD/Ruin, so be careful, this probably won't be an issue when you first start raiding this zone (the big crits make mobs angry!). Overall they can be a great dps class and can end up high on the dps charts.

            Fire resist is a plus while raiding mc (although stacking it to the point of gimping yourself by stacking gear with only fr is probably not a good idea). You can live through most of the zone without high fr, although I would suggest you have a descent amount while clearing lava packs (fire blossoms will rape you otherwise), and of course Ragnaros. A base value of 100 is pretty good (without motw/fr totem/auras). I get through rag with 130 (fully buffed) just fine, although on lava packs I would suggest having a good amount of fr (I have around 230 with felhutner/fr totem) :). It's realy up to you how much fr you want, you will find a value that suits you after you run it as much as I have. Your tanks will probably need higher fr then the rest of the raid, especially if you plan on killing ragnaros (our 2 main tanks for rag have over 300 fr fully buffed).

            I don't know what else to say. Best of luck in mc to you, feel free to ask questions.
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              Re: Molten Core -- How to be Successful

              Here's a new post over at that could be called "MC for Noobs"...


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