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    Found this on another website...interesting!
    July 10, 2005
    Leveling Time By Class

    Server Sample: RP (High), PvE (Medium), PvE (High)
    Sampling Period: 6/13/2005 9:00 am - 6/20/2005 9:00 am
    Sampling Resolution: ~14 minutes
    Parsing Method: The sample unit is leveling event. We tabulate the time between a character's level and when we observe them at a new level. Only a player's online time is counted. We exclude the first leveling event from every character because it doesn't constitute the total amount of time to make that level.
    Data Filter: None
    Sample Size: 81,887 leveling events

    We tracked the leveling time by class split for 3 level ranges: 1-20, 21-40, and 41-60. In all three groups, the starting level is controlled for. Controlling for group ratio produces similar plots. Druids are consistently the slowest levelers. Priests, mages, and shamans are consistently the fastest levelers. Between levels 1-20, mages level 10% faster than druids. Between levels 21-40, mages level 14% faster than druids. Between levels 41-60, mages level 20% faster than druids. The data shows that between level 41 and 60, mages make each level about 2-3 hours faster than druids. Even when controlled for group ratio, the trend is the same.

    In fact, we know that this effect is not being driven by group ratio because Druids group almost just as much as Priests. At first we thought this may be a difference in DPS and downtime (which could make sense for shamans and mages compared with druids), but the priests throw us off. So it may be a combination of efficiency (DPS) and demand in groups that yield high XP.


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    Re: Speed to Level

    where did you get this? I am wondering where the lowly warrior resides in the results. My bet is that warriors are at the bottom of the barrel.



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      Re: Speed to Level

      I don't know were Beep found those, but I ran across a site a while back that had lots of statistics.

      Click on the different links under "Current" on the left side of the page.
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        Re: Speed to Level

        So basically I am screwed. If I start a mage now he would be lvl 60 by the time I got my druid to lvl 60? Shooot. I knew I picked the wrong class. Oh well At least I can be a bear and a cat.


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          Re: Speed to Level

          meh, its not very good at predicting folks around here, my lock leveled ridiculsly fast and it was claiming he should be medium to slow lvl times, its all about hours put in.
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