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  • Faction

    I've seen and heard a lot of chat lately about gaining faction with the
    Thorium Brotherhood.

    It seems to me that as a guild, we may not be pursuing faction as
    efficiently as we could be. I have gotten myself to "honored" and have
    seen the items available to me at the BRD bar for my honored reputation.
    It looks like there are patterns, recipes, etc. available that fit each
    "crafting" profession (except Alchemy, so far). These patterns and recipes
    are bind-on-pickup, and are therefore only usable to those folks that have
    those specific skills. In other words, as an artisan-level alchemist, the
    bind-on-pickup armorsmithing patterns are useless to me, and I cannot
    transfer them to the armorsmiths in the guild.

    My long-winded point is that we might have folks in the guild that have the
    same profession pursuing faction concurrently which in my view is a
    misdirection of resources. Wouldn't it be better to pool resources and
    have a single factioned member of the guild for each crafting profession?
    It's more beneficial to the guild to have 5 members who are "revered" or
    "exalted" than to have 50 who are "friendly." I've actually considered
    dropping herbalism to learn armorsmithing, leatherworking, or tailoring so
    that I can make those items for guildies. I haven't done it though because
    the herb trade is my primary source of income. Even if I did learn
    armorsmithing in addition to my alchemy, that still leaves out tailors,
    leatherworkers, blacksmiths, weaponsmiths, etc.

    My suggestion is that the officers designate one member of the guild, per
    skill, to be the faction representative. I think it unwise to give any
    member more than one "faction" responsibility even if they have two
    crafting skills, because we risk losing 2 factioned professions instead of
    just one if they leave the guild (or WoW altogether).

    Further, I'm proposing that faction-building items earned in instances
    should be the property of the guild, not the individual high-roller, and
    that said items get distributed as needed by the guild officers to those
    select guild members to raise faction. In the event that we are doing a
    multi-guild raid, each TG member present is rolling on behalf of the guild,
    and therefore each TG member's roll improves the chances that the guild
    will get those items.

    I've stockpiled and bartered for enough core leather and dark iron ore to
    get me halfway to "revered" status, but since I have yet to see a factioned
    alchemy recipe, it seems pointless for me to pursue faction any further
    unless I drop alchemy or herbalism in favor of one of the gear crafting
    professions, which I'm prepared to do.

    I understand if anyone is against these ideas because it's difficult to
    tell someone that they shouldn't pursue faction. After all, acquiring
    wealth, skill, and reputation are fundamental in-game goals.
    But if our guild really wants to be an "end-game" guild, I think we need to focus our resources to get us there sooner rather than later.

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    Re: Faction

    I think that is a solid point. I am not to the point of developing faction but we probably want to figure which factions to try and increase for which profession too.


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      Re: Faction

      Great thought, Volk- I have been working on my Thorium Brotherhood faction for Blacksmithing (Weaponsmith). I will be happy to be the guild representative for that trade. I also like the idea of rolling on behalf of the guild for items that get us closer to revered. We have an officer's meeting tonight- I will pop this on the agenda to be discussed!




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