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Librams, Keys, and Fire Resistance

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  • Librams, Keys, and Fire Resistance

    So I've been carrying around a "Relic Coffer Key" that was dropped off a
    mob in BRD. Didn't know what it was for and was annoyed that it was taking
    up space in my bag.

    Last weekend I found out firsthand why I've been carrying it around. I was
    invited by real-life friends who are in the Prophecy of Ascension guild
    (hereafter "PoA" for brevity) to a 10-man raid of BRD for the specific
    reason of farming the "Vault" room. For anyone who doesn't know (I
    didn't), the "vault" is a room off the exit corridor from the arena. In
    it, there are about 12 locked doors that the Relic Coffer Key will open.
    There is one locked door in the back center of the room that the relic key
    will not open. This middle door is why PoA goes there. In the chest
    behind the middle door, 50% of the time, the loot is "Burning Essence."
    Each of the other vault doors has a chest in it with some loot (the best of
    it is usually green, mostly it's junk).

    PoA farms burning essence because it's an ingredient in the Libram of
    Resilience quest. The Libram of Resilience, when completed, adds +20 fire
    resistance to a helmet or leggings (two armor pieces that generally don't
    allow enchants). If you do it twice, you can have it on both. From what
    I understand, fire resistance is critical to success in defeating the MC
    and BWL bosses, moreso even than armor for non-tanking raid members, who
    usually only suffer AoE damage. I'm told that there are members of PoA
    whose fire resistence is nearly 300, unbuffed. During boss fights, their
    health level barely moves.

    The Libram of Resilience +20 fire resist has, I think, the following ingredients:
    1 Burning essence
    1 Black Diamond
    4 Crystal Spires (a reward from a repeatable UnGoro Crater quest)

    We farmed the vault room four times in a little over an hour. This is how
    it typically goes....

    1. Raid group forms at the instance for buffs, etc..
    2. Fight your way up to and through the arena (mainly to pacify the
    3. Go upstairs to where the spectators are and kill a specific dwarf
    sitting on a bench. He carries the key to the center vault.
    4. Run to the vault room and open all doors but one. Opening the last door
    activates the golems.
    5. Once all vaults have been emptied and the party is ready, open the last
    vault, fight and kill golems and a dwarf that comes. The fight is easy in
    a 10-man group. The whole fight takes less than a minute.
    6. Run out of the instance, disband the raid party to reset the instance,
    reform raid party, rinse, repeat...

    Librams of Resilience sell in AH for about 20-25g. Black diamonds usually
    go for between 8g-15g. The spires are free if you do the quest in UnGoro.
    And in the four raids on the BRD vault, burning essence dropped twice
    (which confirmed the reported 50% drop rate).

    While it may seem like grunt work to do this over and over again, I see it
    as critical to having any kind of success against mobs that use fire, which
    is virtually every boss in all of BRD. PoA does this during MC down time,
    while they wait the 4 days for the instance to reset. Seems like a good
    way to spend down time (when not helping other guildies power-level). I
    have had plenty of evenings where I stared blank-faced at my computer
    trying to decide what to do when not raiding something. What's nice is
    that it's an easy 10-man raid, so we should be able to do this "all guild"
    no problem.

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    Re: Librams, Keys, and Fire Resistance

    Sounds really good, If I am ever on and you are forming a group for this please let me know if you have the space for me, Thanks!


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      Re: Librams, Keys, and Fire Resistance

      I've been to the vault before, and opened all of the doors- conveniently, I have a stack of keys sitting in the bank for an occassion just like this. Let's plan a BRD raid asap, and get our hands on that essence! It would be mighty helpful to have for us in MC.


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        Re: Librams, Keys, and Fire Resistance

        I have a couple black diamonds if anyone needs them.


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          Re: Librams, Keys, and Fire Resistance

          I need BRD jail break if we could knock that out in one of the runs I would love to farm the vault. Heck half the raid could start clearing for first run while while a 5 man clears the loop and runs the. then disburs and join raid.

          We need to make a list of who is where on this Onyxia chain. So we can coordinate runs to acomplish the most for as many people as possible. Does anyone sle need to do the Jail break.

          I like the vault and running the arena, I have 1 black diamond, but not the gear I would want to put this on yet.
          "they're more like guidelines, than actual rules,"....Captain Barbossa - Pirates of the Caribbean


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            Re: Librams, Keys, and Fire Resistance

            Can we plan a jailbreak for Q tonight? should take a huge amount of time and I also have about 15 of the coffer keys.


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              Re: Librams, Keys, and Fire Resistance

              That's actually not a terribly bad plan. Did I mention that we just acquired an UBRS key? WOOT!


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                Re: Librams, Keys, and Fire Resistance

                Wow guess I better at least show up tonight. Was thinking of doing the Family thing for once. :icon_wink lol
                "they're more like guidelines, than actual rules,"....Captain Barbossa - Pirates of the Caribbean


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                  Re: Librams, Keys, and Fire Resistance


                  This sounds like something that we should look into doing with the Weekly MC and Onyxia we are planning on doing.




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