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    I played WoW for a couple of months a while back and I was kinda thinking about starting up again in a week or two when I get a good chunk of free time. I wanted to ask a couple questions though and I thought you all could help.

    A: First of all, when I played before I had an Undead Warlock. Liked the undead, but the Warlock was pretty sucky. What bothered me most was that my pet would just often up and completely disappear while walking around! Since many of the powers of the warlock came from the pet this was a huge problem. Not to mention they required a soulshard, which was a bummer. Has this been remedied?

    B: Have any changes been made to the warlock class so that they get some kind of root or snare that does not require 4-5 talent points?

    C: Did the infernal spell ever get made usable or is it still the "suicide by large flaming green dude" spell?

    D: Did any changes get made to demonic enslavement so it is actually usable?

    E: Did they ever add some kind of shard bag where you could collect shards and not have to have an entire bag dedicated to them?

    A: What sever do TG people play on? What type of server is it?

    B: Were the battlegrounds worth the wait or are they just a big dissapointment?

    C: Are rogues still way overpowered in PvP or has some semblence of balance been added to the classes?

    Reckon that's about it for now. TIA.
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    Re: Some Questions.

    Ive got a 60 lock iver been playing for almost 2 months now so i can manage these questions fairly decently.
    -My pet has never vanished randomly on me before so i would assume that the issuse was fixed at some point.
    -Only thing close to snare or root would be the aftermath but thats like 6 talents points just to start. On humionoids you have the sucubus seduce but other than that no.
    -Its very useable. For 5 minutes you have the ultiamte killing machine under your control. And since you can re-enslave it like 2-3 times...
    -I used it all the time when i was in felwood.
    -No shard bag. No stacking shards.

    For the normal questions:
    -thunderhorn, PvE
    -the alterac valley BG is the uber 1337 goodness, its just the horde never shows up so we can't get into it.
    warsong gulch is okay i guess, i don't go there much.
    -there is a sembalance, rouges will still gank you hard if they sneak up on you and start beating but you at least have a chance to pop a fear.

    no idea what other changes were made since im not like an old folk at this but i hope this helped you.
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