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9/17 Zul'Gurub Debriefing

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  • 9/17 Zul'Gurub Debriefing

    First and foremost, thank you to everyone who made it to our first Zul'Gurub run last night! Congratulations to all of you for doing one hell of a job of strategizing and working together. Although we did not manage to take down the first boss, our skills clearly became better and better with each attempt and I am certain we will smack Jeklik around with vengence on our next attempt. You all deserve a pat on the back for a job well done- I'm quite proud of you!

    What did we learn last night, in terms of teamwork? I think we learned how to effectively pull, how to avoid the bat suicide bombers' wrath, and how to effectively cause serious damage to the High Priestess (down to 9%!).

    The strategy that seemed to work best for the High Priestess was to have a Hunter pull her, feign death after she flies down from her cave, and tank her towards the back of her little enclosure. All casters and healers should form a semi-circle around the main tank (at a bit of distance, to avoid her silencing AOE) and the main tank should take her down to 97% health before all of the other damage dealers start chucking things at her.

    At 50% health, Jeklik goes back to her human form (she can no longer fly) she begins to cast life drain and attempts to heal herself. At the same time, a bat bomber flies overhead and starts dropping these fireballs that cause some serious damage to anyone in its way. We moved accordingly to get out of the way of the fireballs, but they were capable of doing enough damage to take out the cloth wearers rapidly. We used counterspells and other interrupts (like kicking her) to disrupt her ability to heal herself. With a little more organization and tweaking, I'm certain we can take her down.

    What did we need that we didn't have? More fire resist potions, more health and mana potions to distribute to the group in advance of the boss fight. We could have used more casters to interrupt her healing, or at least with practice found our niche in how to do it with everyone we had. Timing seems important- setting up who will do what interrupt and in what order would be helpful. I'd love more input from those who were there on what you observed that we could improve upon.

    Let's consider booking our second attempt as soon as possible. I propose we attempt this on one of the following evenings: Tuesday, September 20th- 8PM server time, Friday, September 23- 7PM server time, or Saturday, September 24th- 8PM server time. Regardless of the date, we will need to start ON TIME. Being there on time and signing up in advance will secure your position in the raid party. Late comers, or folks who do not sign up in advance will be added to the group, provided room is available, on a first come, first serve basis, and will be dependent on class needs for the raid party.

    Again, thank you to all of you who came along- I feel this was a rather successful first time! We consistently improved with each attempt, and everyone was really doing their job. I am excited to do this again!
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    Re: 9/17 Zul'Gurub Debriefing

    sweet, first slot to me, im good on the friday or saturday times. on a side note, what luna said about the fire pots, it should be underlined and in bold and italics and caps. flaming death from above is a good description of those bat bombs.
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      Re: 9/17 Zul'Gurub Debriefing

      Better, cerevox?


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        Re: 9/17 Zul'Gurub Debriefing

        much much better, stupid bat bombs kept stealing my hp so it took longer to life tap for mp ><
        pots like mana and hp regen would be nice too
        frowning takes 47 muscles, and smiling only take 17, but sitting there with a zombie like stare on your face takes 0, we have a winner.

        The fights are so bitter because the stakes are so small. -watch words of academia


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          Re: 9/17 Zul'Gurub Debriefing

          I'm in for the next one...TG rocks my socks..or something...I'll have a mic this next one I swear it then I can annoy you all via voice rather than typing.....HEeee heee
          Either night works for me I'll be on both...I'll check in to see whne things are settled

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            Re: 9/17 Zul'Gurub Debriefing

            The min level is 58 right?

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              Re: 9/17 Zul'Gurub Debriefing

              Tuesday is out for me.

              Friday or Saturday will work.

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                Re: 9/17 Zul'Gurub Debriefing

                I loved this it was great fun. I have to agree with proposed tactics 100%. I think for me Friday and or Saturday is Great. I personally think Friday night with a Saturday night follow up To go farther if we need it. We could have a signup for both night. And count me in.

                Tues would be possible with some arrangment for me but not ideal.
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                  Re: 9/17 Zul'Gurub Debriefing

                  Im out of town this weekend, so count me out, but here is a supplies list/group format, this should be followed as close to tee as possible.

                  Major Healing potions for all mellee fighters x5
                  Major fire resist potions for all melle fighters x5
                  Major mana potions for all casters x10
                  major healing potions for all casters x3
                  major fire resist potion for all casters x 3

                  Group spec should be as follows:


                  I would really try for mages over locks( i know i hate to say it myself), but the dps is needed.


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                    Re: 9/17 Zul'Gurub Debriefing

                    Not quite related to our run and I beleive it's been fixed since this was made.

                    Hakkar in ZG hands out a DoT that spreads to allies if you're near them. Anyways, some horde got back to Orgrimmar with it. Here's the movie of the chaos that followed...


                    The movie is just high enough quality that you can make out what people are yelling, it's funny as hell ;)
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                      Re: 9/17 Zul'Gurub Debriefing

                      Any of those nights will work for me.....just let me know when it is decided and i'll be there to blow the mobs away with my arcane patriot
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                        Re: 9/17 Zul'Gurub Debriefing

                        Sheesh Luna you know I have to jump in there Tues and friday I'd love to go but not even home until 8:30 server time If i can reserve a slot and pop right in you can count on me My saturday I promised to tim and not sure what time we'll be home if we're not starting until 8 I may be able to slip into my chair by then.

                        I have to agree with the FIRE POTS!! for those who weren't there think of the boss in UBRS and the emoltion he puts out then multiply it. According to HappyChick we got her down to 9%!! and she has what ( can use help on this one ) 300,000 hp?

                        Luna as a team we rocked once the plan was in place. I have made sure that Happy has parts for repair bots and was considering going farming for the elemental fire needed in the fire pots tonight. ( I'll take any assistance offered) and I think we need one or two of out alchemests to clarify who can ( and is willing) to make so I can send them in the right direction. We may also want someone in guild who can make the repair bots so we are not dependant on Happy comming. ( I can make sure I send some of the mats their way too)

                        I soooooo wanna go Please Luna can I be late for class??

                        I"ll talk to Happy tonight and see if his group would like to join us I"m hoping that i'm not the only one who thought his imput was priceless and if we get thru the first boss will need the insight into the second (am I hyped or what).

                        For those that were there for the first trip we need a list of items to pack ( I plan on bringing my sunday suit of armor) We will need fire pots ( a lot of em) one or two repair bots for emergencies.... mana pots, what else? are there ingrediants we can farm? are there ppl willing to farm them with me tonight? I can mine and know where to get the elemental items but really need an herbalist/ alchemist for the pots.

                        Luna I'm gonna check forums on my last break if someone can start a list of ingrediants and what they are for we can farm in in the order of importance.

                        LOL you got me started asked for my 2 cents and handed you the wallet


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                          Re: 9/17 Zul'Gurub Debriefing

                          ok i can make the greater fire resistance potions and greater arcane resistance potion along with elixir of brute force which is great for warriors and i can try to farm the materials before we go into the instance on Tuesday....
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                            Re: 9/17 Zul'Gurub Debriefing

                            I have 4 Repair Bots in the bank waiting... I probably wont make Tues unless it is later but should be golden for FRi/Sat.

                            Found the Bat Rider Chick
                            "they're more like guidelines, than actual rules,"....Captain Barbossa - Pirates of the Caribbean


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                              Re: 9/17 Zul'Gurub Debriefing

                              I am Herbalism and Alchemy, but I do not have the recipe for fire resistence. I only need 290 and I have 276 skill in Alchemy and then I can make them as soon as I get the recipe. However, I should be able to pick dreamfoil needed for the recipe.

                              I am only lvl 44 and dreamfoil is only in lvl 50 zones but if I get an escort I would be willing to go and farm them on Thursday. I can be on the server about 4pm gametime if anyone wants me to come help farm.




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