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Leatherworkers/Skinners Unite!!!

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  • Leatherworkers/Skinners Unite!!!

    I want to know all Leatherworkers and Skinners. We need to know who we can count on as we get ready to gear up for these higher instances.

    Skinning lvl: [# here]
    Leatherworking lvl: [# here]

    Type of Leatherworking: [ie: Dragonscale][specify if you plan on but haven't aquired]

    Don't post in this thread unless answering to the above. All questions should be posted in general forum to keep this thread clean.

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    Re: Leatherworkers/Skinners Unite!!!

    Skinning lvl: 315
    Leatherworking lvl: 300

    Type of Leatherworking: Dragonscale


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      Re: Leatherworkers/Skinners Unite!!!

      Medaros 300 skinning
      Lycra (almost 300 skinning) 293 or so.
      Leather working 235.

      Im currently working on my leatherworking quests from feather moon, im not sure what i want to specializ in .. i have heard both sides on witch would be better to have for a rogue,, and i have seen patterns in both elemntal and tribal that look nice. im almost thinking i should go into Elemental leatherworking just on the notion that no one in the guild is doing elemental. do you know if there is a web site that lists patterns for both?
      i didnt have much luck finding anything on

      i look forward to geting some fedback on this :)
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        Re: Leatherworkers/Skinners Unite!!! (<--try that)


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          Re: Leatherworkers/Skinners Unite!!!

          cool thanks for that link... looks like im going Elemental :) should be fun trying to get all the mats. lava core, core of earth.. need i say more


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            Re: Leatherworkers/Skinners Unite!!!

            hello i have skinning 315 so if you need something let me know
            Candrice 63 Warrior
            Ricca 70 Rogue
            Machelle 70 Mage
            Enya 74 Druid


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              Re: Leatherworkers/Skinners Unite!!!

              What i need is things that are hard to get...dragonscales, devilsaur leather (for our tribal worker)...etc...etc...

              I'm starting to make things for hunters when they turn 40...get them a complete set if possible...(just one thing working on)

              What would be good sets for druids or rogues?...the nightscape set?


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                Re: Leatherworkers/Skinners Unite!!!

                Yay my rogue is at 250 leatherworking now.. i just need to get to sering gorge and find the elemental leatherworker... Lycra is lvl 45 so i may need an escort :)
                good sets for rogues and druids.. yaeh the nightscape set is pretty cool for rogue... bonus on the boots for stealth, lots of agility. a good set for druids, im working on making the voodoo set for my druid... but have yet to equip because I dont meet lvl requiremnts. from what ive seen the voodoo set is good for caster (balance) druids.




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