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  • Halten from Old TG guild

    Hey guys,

    It's Halten from the Old TG guild on thunderhorn. I've never really stopped thinking about how much fun I had when I was in the guild. I think I quit WoW 8 years ago now; my life has changed a ton, as I'm sure everyone's has. Nothing will ever compare to good old vanilla WoW. I lost contact with everyone when I quit the game, but I hope everyone's doing well. I know most people left the game. This is a longshot but I just wanted to put my post out there and see if anyone would see it. You guys meant a lot to me when I was going through a tough time in life. I'm a chef now and and don't have a lot of time for games, but the late nights on teamspeak will always be with me.

    Like I said this is a longshot, but damn I miss you guys. I hope all is well for everyone.


    Halten (Rob)

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    Hey Halten! I also had good memories of playing in TG a long time ago. Hopefully other TG guild members will see this and respond in about 3 more years. :-) I recently went back to WoW in Thunderhorn. I found various TG players are still around playing, so I joined them.


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      Hey Halten - I wonder with the classic release in August if there may be a resurgence at Delerium on Thunderhorn?
      New to TG?




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