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SATURDAY- Headcount for Zul-Gurub

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  • SATURDAY- Headcount for Zul-Gurub

    We managed to take down High Priestess Jeklik, and took a whirl at the High Priest Venoxis. We're taking another shot at Venoxis on Saturday night, 8pm server time.

    Who's coming?

    Luna- lvl 60 Paladin
    Bleue- lvl 60 Warrior
    Barbarella- lvl 60 Pally
    Volkhammer- lvl 60 Druid
    Crimsonlight- lvl 60 Priest
    Desden- lvl 58 Druid
    Cerevox- lvl 60 Warlock
    Quarathtg- lvl 60 Hunter
    Zeeg- lvl 60 Mage
    Alava- lvl 60 Mage
    Nyll- lvl 60 Warlock
    Candrice- lvl 60 Warrior
    Helle- lvl 60 Priest
    Zorglub- lvl 60 Warlock

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    Re: SATURDAY- Headcount for Zul-Gurub

    If I can get back in time from a movie with my girl, I can make it. My issue is whether you need me or not. If you need me, and I stress need (don't just say "come on"), I can make it. I'll rearrange some things and meet my girl half way and watch an early movie.

    So, let me know...i'll be on in the morning...


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      Re: SATURDAY- Headcount for Zul-Gurub

      imna toss my thing on venoxis here cause i don't wanna start a new thread for one boss. i assume if its in the wrong spot someone will move it. all numbers are going to be vague but i wouldn't use them if they weren't in the ballpark at least.

      -----------Troll Form-------------
      -we know how to handle his body gaurds, don't need to comment on that.

      -he causes a pillar of fire to fall from the sky which put a dot on the main tank, it had no aoe.

      - he can cast a version of arcane explosion which i recall as hitting for about 1k damage, not sure on daamge though im sure bleue would. the radius of the blast seemed to be fairly small and since he stands in one spot we can pretty much ignore it.

      -chain holy lightning. this is the killer. what he does is channel a holy looking spell for 1 second and then he casts at his highest aggro target, hopefully the MT. the first person it hits take about 100-200, next is about 400, by the 5th person it has reached 1k, after that it jumps up to about a 30k+ hit by the time it has jumped the whole raid. this means the tanks who are up close will take almost nothing while the casters in the back will all die instantly. >>>>**the bolt can't seem to jump more than a few feet**<<<<
      which means as long as we keep a gap in between the melle people and the casters we should be fine since it can't jump down the stairs and do the big damage.

      -he attempts to cast renew on himself but we seem to have that well in hand also.

      -----------Snake Form-----------

      -we all noticed that he goes from hiting for under 1k to well over 1k when he shape shifts.

      -he drops poison clouds like those from the ghouls in scholomance, if you stand in them your going down. he didn't seem to drop them more than every 30 sec or so and never while he was moving.

      -he has a poison aura independent of the cloud which does 500 damage a tick. its got a tiny radius though, about as large as the explosion of the bat riders.

      -he spits for a solid amount of damage and a dot.

      **-he realeses lvl 1 parasitic snakes which move fairly slowly to a target and infect the target with a 300 dmg every 2 sec dot. its hard to spot them in the middle of the fight but i suspect they go down with one hit so if you spot one kill it before it hits.(when i went down early in our second or third fight with him i spotted a couple rushing people since i didn't have to keep my eye on him anymore)
      frowning takes 47 muscles, and smiling only take 17, but sitting there with a zombie like stare on your face takes 0, we have a winner.

      The fights are so bitter because the stakes are so small. -watch words of academia


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        Re: SATURDAY- Headcount for Zul-Gurub

        might i suggest Holy Protection Potions for the Holy Lightning thing? If it's not considered holy, then Nature Protection Potions

        "REMEMBER! Pillage first THEN Burn!"


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          Re: SATURDAY- Headcount for Zul-Gurub

          the holy lightning thing is ignorable as long as no one forms a bridge between tanks and casters.
          frowning takes 47 muscles, and smiling only take 17, but sitting there with a zombie like stare on your face takes 0, we have a winner.

          The fights are so bitter because the stakes are so small. -watch words of academia


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            Re: SATURDAY- Headcount for Zul-Gurub

            You forgot about Amelle! :P I'm going to make the suggestion of Wildvine pots for the mages as well especially if theyre on a different cooldown timer than the mana pots (never had a character thats mana based so I have no idea)

            Inregards to the parasites, did you happen to see how many at a time? If theres more than like two or three we shoudl have the mages (the hoss warlocks) on stand by for an AoE to get rid of them....


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              Re: SATURDAY- Headcount for Zul-Gurub

              I think we did really well intill after he hit snake form at 50% health. Shortly after that he started darting around, making it really hard for the Mellee fighters to do anything to him. Once the Tank died there was no way for the pallies to pick up agro and everyone starts getting killed. I think I only died once the 4 times we fought him. but everyone else was dyeing left and right, I have over 8000 armor when fully buffed, but when he is darting around like that theres nothing I can do to get agro on myself so that the casters can pull back together.
              Also I try and do backup heals on the tank but it seems one second he is full health the next he is dead, theres no time to react.
              I personally like the idea someone had last night about having 2 main tanks, at least that way if one dies the other still has agro.

              I would also like to apoligize and explain myself last night. I was getting really frustrated last night on how slow things were going. I will use the bats as an example, we would stand around and debate for 20 minutes on how to take down the mob, meanwhile us pallies with our 5 minute buffs were getting yelled at for keeping everyone buffed and making to much noise, then when the discusion was over you all gave us no time to buff everyone, you just jumped into the fight. Then after we easily defeat the first mob, we have to discuse again on how to take down the second group of bats which were composed of the same #s, but we had to do the 20 minute descusion all over again, how hard is it to just say ok, that worked everyone do the same thing you did last time! This happened with about 4 or 5 mobs that were exactly the same, taking us 2 hours to do what could have been done in a 1/2 hour.
              Also it seems we have way to many Chiefs and not enough indians, the discussions on how to take out a mob does not need to take so long, it gets really frustrating and boring for a player like myself to stand around and listen to a 6 way debate on how to take out a mob. this just aint last night, it seems this way everytime we do a raid, we do more talking and less fighting.
              I know that things need to be discused on whats the best way to do things. But Damn, after a while we just need to get in there and give it a try, if it dont work then we try another way, we dont need to be spending 20 minutes debating what to do.


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                Re: SATURDAY- Headcount for Zul-Gurub

                While at work today i had a small hair brain idea. I have a low lvl priest so not sure how this might work in end game. But we have one priest (preferablely a discipline spec) cast shield on the MT. I know that most magic light fireball and lightening will be absorbed by it. But i was wondering if this might work for the poison cloud. If so and we knew roughly when he was going to drop it we could shield the MT and that would give him a very short time (but more then usual) to move out of the cloud bringing the snake form with him. I'm not sure if this will totally work but it was just an idea i had today. See you all tonight.

                70 Night Elf Priest-Lunaar(holy)
                70 Human Mage-Alava(Fire)
                70 Night Elf Hunter-Insai(Beast Master)
                70 Dwarf Paladin-Ginoldor(Protection)
                70 Human Warrior-Revenged(Protection)
                70 Draenei Shaman-Tianora(Elemental)
                70 Draenei Shaman-Fayrel(Restoration)
                50 Undead Priest-Eikyl(Shadow)


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                  Re: SATURDAY- Headcount for Zul-Gurub

                  For what its worth...I gabve the idea out of the second tank and I still stand by it..>Shoudl one go down we know where the snake is going to go then...The idea you just gave Alava was one thing I was wondering about myself..>We shoudl give it a shot


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                    Re: SATURDAY- Headcount for Zul-Gurub

                    Umm have a few suggestions I have talked over with happy( feel free to jump in Happy) the first few mobs up to the first boss should be a cake walk hit one rebuff move on Everyone knows what to watch for on the exploding bats fisrt boss we all have that tactic down now the second I was in a PUG for wanted to kick someone MT build up agro but wehn the poison cloud hit he ran .. right into the main group. i asked happy about this to confirm the tactic... 1 MT on the snake let build agro everyone else range him ( even the other warriors ) poison cloud.. back up a FEW steps just outa the cloud if that MT goes down .. NEXT! and so on.. maybe we can try on the next run I'm in for friday.


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                      Re: SATURDAY- Headcount for Zul-Gurub

                      We managed to take down Venoxis on Saturday evening, after multiple tries. Truthfully, I don't know what made our last try special. We learned that draining Venoxis' mana is VERY effective, but does not prevent him from being able to cast his poison AOE. We assigned numerous folks to keeping our MT alive, and another to battle res him should he drop. We also gave the MT a soulstone and assigned a secondary tank to grab aggro should the MT fall. Everyone ceased fire after the MT died, to allow Candrice to rebuild aggro. Somehow, we managed to pull this off by the skin of our teeth. I would really like to do that boss again soon, to really master the method of taking him down. It sure wasn't a cakewalk.

                      Tasra, I'd like to pick your brain on that PUG you were in, to see what we can learn from them. Next time you're on TS, pull me aside!


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                        Re: SATURDAY- Headcount for Zul-Gurub

                        LOL Luna you really don't wanna hear my impression of that PUG. there was two of us there and although went quick... Pull tank move.. the bosses proved a challenge when someone insists this is how it's scripted this is how we need to do it and " the bats always show up regardless" LMAO I did talk with happy later regardign that second boss. the PUG did not take him down but happy and i discussed some solid tactics more than willing to share them with you. Seeing on how he moved with that group and talking to happy I have a plan <EG> Yea count me in this next weekend preferrably friday can't promise saturday but if that is the day we're doing it I'll see what I can do.


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                          Re: SATURDAY- Headcount for Zul-Gurub

                          The problem with the last boss isn't our tactics... The reason we were successfull the last time was all the skill we put into it... and luck. The luck part was our healing. Our heals went off at the right times, that's what did the trick. Untill we can find gear for our MT that will allow him to loose life at a slower rate, we need to concentrate on being lucky. :) (And having 2 great druid healers and a great priest couldn't hurt either) We need to find a way to make our warrior die at a slower rate.


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                            Re: SATURDAY- Headcount for Zul-Gurub

                            I'd suggest you'd talk a bit with TeaLeaf from -=[dMw]=-.
                            I think he knows quit a bit of how to handle it...


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                              Re: SATURDAY- Headcount for Zul-Gurub

                              I'm game for it as per usual...Count me in +1 if at all possible




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