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5-man Scholo run, Thursday Night?

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  • 5-man Scholo run, Thursday Night?

    Can we possibly get a 5 man together for Thursday evening, 8pm server time? I need to go do something or other for my epic mount quest. I know Skeet's warrior also needs to have a very specific group put together to accomplish what he needs for his valor boots- what is that makeup again, Skeet?

    If you are able and willing to come along and help us out, please reply! Thanks in advance, guys.


    Mage: Alava
    Warrior: Skeet
    Paladin: Luna
    Priest/Druid: Beepster
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    Re: 5-man Scholo run, Thursday Night?

    I'll bring Alava as i have said in the past to help kill two birds with one stone. Everyone involved should pick up the quest so we all can eventually get the blood.

    70 Night Elf Priest-Lunaar(holy)
    70 Human Mage-Alava(Fire)
    70 Night Elf Hunter-Insai(Beast Master)
    70 Dwarf Paladin-Ginoldor(Protection)
    70 Human Warrior-Revenged(Protection)
    70 Draenei Shaman-Tianora(Elemental)
    70 Draenei Shaman-Fayrel(Restoration)
    50 Undead Priest-Eikyl(Shadow)


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      Re: 5-man Scholo run, Thursday Night?

      Classes Needed:


      You need to have the hunter to put hunters mark on Jandrice, the mage has got to be ready to AOE on Jandrices illusions, the pally has got keep the warrior up as the priest/druid will have to help the mage stay up. It is even more important for the mage to stay up than the tank for that fight. Before you even kill Jandrice though, you have to kill the butcher 5 man, go back outside the instance, you then get the quest to kill Jandrice, then you will be able to get the quest to kill batman and obtain blood of heroes on 10 man runs. If your going to do this in one night, it will be all you do, it will take about 4 hours from everything ive read.

      I will glady go tomorrow, my warlock is outta rested xp, but we need to start on time, otherwise it will be a late night for most of us.


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        Re: 5-man Scholo run, Thursday Night?

        Would it be ok if I went? or am I still to low? I do have a few quests in there. 58 Mage Frost Spec
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          Re: 5-man Scholo run, Thursday Night?

          No offense to hunters, but they're not critical for the Jandice fight.

          What Jandice does (if you didn't know) is summon/split into about 15 illusions (non-elite mobs). Hunter's Mark is good way to keep her targetted, but you can also hit V (default game key) to bring up lifebars over mob heads. Jandice's will list differently, and you can click on the bar to target her through the confusion.

          Personally, the hunter is solid, but a rouge, arms/fury warrior or other DPS style class would fill the roll for that fight well. (Instance-wise, I think the rogue would be better for sap on a few pulls getting to Jandice.)
          So many scripts, so little time!


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            Re: 5-man Scholo run, Thursday Night?

            The only way Ive heard of this working is with hunters mark. A lot of people have tried the the health bar meters and its hard to see when the mobs are packed in so tight. Oh btw, i respecced to protection, I hate myself.


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              Re: 5-man Scholo run, Thursday Night?

              I'd be up for this with Beepster, the priest. I don't have the quest, tho...

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                Re: 5-man Scholo run, Thursday Night?

                I want to say congrats on the respec skeet, but I know how painful that must be. When I went 100% holy, I nearly cried.


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                  Re: 5-man Scholo run, Thursday Night?

                  So, all we need now is either a hunter or a rogue to complete the 5-man party. 8PM server time, kids... let's make sure we are ready to roll. I won't actually sign on until that time, so if you guys want to form the group and invite me, please by all means do so. I'll be ready on time.


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                    Re: 5-man Scholo run, Thursday Night?

                    Sorry Zedd, it's a 5-man, and we need the class makeup to be pretty specific. Thanks for offering, though!




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