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Adventures in Zul'Farrak (Or, The Tale Of Two Yetis)

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  • Adventures in Zul'Farrak (Or, The Tale Of Two Yetis)

    Ahoy hoy all, Just felt like posting this as a means of comic relief.. hopefully you'll get as big of a kick out of this as We did while it was happening.

    It was a day like any other, really... I, Manny, Paladin (fully specced in the 'can I go on <em>that</em> Instance run?' Tree) had just hopped off of my Gryphon outside of Gadgetzan when i saw Lunaar (aka:Alava's 9 billionth alt.) , followed quickly by Melynaomi and Viss(From Blood of the Dragon Shard).
    Always the curious sort, I asked where they were headed. I was overjoyed when they told me they were headed to Zul'farrak, mostly cause i was bored... So i asked if i could join them. It's probably a good thing did.

    Before we went in, Alava switched over to Ginoldor (sp?). Two Paladins, One Rogue, One Competent Warlock.. .we'd totally pwn this place.

    At least that's what we thought.

    the first fight inside the instance went Ok, which backed up my having a good feeling of running ZF. The second fight sent up a red flag. Everybody seemed to be taking alot of damage, and it seemed as though i wasn't healing fast enough.
    I was about to say something about that when alava's voice came through TS.
    "I guess i picked a bad time to be away from the keyboard"

    So after a hearty laugh, I shrugged it off, and figured the rest of the instance would be cake. Then Mel said he'd be AFK for a while. Oh well, we sorta half lost our rogue. (It turned out that Alava and Viss and Mel were all in the same room). So when it came time to pull the next group, either Alava or Viss took control of Mel and tried to sap a witch doctor.

    It didn't work.

    So we fight off the entire group before deciding that Mel is gonna be put on follow while he was gone.

    That's when things REALLY started to go sour. Alava bravely whipped out Linkins boomerang, and quickly discovered that that damn thing has it's own freaking Aggro Radius. Every time he went to 'pull' We got the whole group. Oh well, No big deal.
    Then at some point in time I hear "Maybe this will help" , followed by Gin pulling out a Mechanical Yeti.
    At first i was thinkin... "Awwww... how cute!". then i was thinkin, "Awww shoot", Because the stupid little thing had barely appeared on my screen before it went tooling off towards a group of Trolls. So we beat all of them down.

    "Alava, you're Yeti needs anger management courses" and things to that effect were said. Especially after it went gunning for a second group of trolls. and then a third.
    I think a Pat joined in on the third group, cause it was beating us down hardcore, and due to my soulstone fading halfway through the fight, we ended up doing the Graveyard run.

    Once we got back into the instance, We informed Alava that his yeti had damn well better stay in his backpack, and we went on. Mel showed up again, and we headed back to where we'd been smacked down.
    Mel went off to Sap somebody... and, surprise surprise, his Sap missed, leaving us with yet another huge group of mobs beating us down, and alot of opportunities to comment on Mel's Yeti costume. about two minutes in to the fight, I saw one of the trolls that Gin was fighting go running off... So i got ready for the adds. They beat us down all hardcore. Fortunately, Gins soulstone was good. So we Rezzed and healed and got ready to go at it again.

    Yet again, The Pull failed, and we started getting smacked again. Viss and Mel went down... again, (seriously... I'm a good healer! just not enough Mana to go around) So Gin and I are pounding on about 2 or three trolls again.
    One of Gins tried to run away. I saw him charge up his Hammer of Wrath.. he said something, followed quickly by 'Awww. **** Me.'
    So We got pounded by the Adds... fortunately, Gin had the sence to use his Divine Intervention on me.

    So, for those of you keeping count... That's 1 Wipe, and 2 near misses.

    Pretty Snazzy for Two Pallies, (58 and 53) a warlock (high 40's?) and a warlock. (46)

    Ahhh, good times. Wish we'd been able to record it, so that you guys could see how hilarious it really was.

    Hopefully Alava will post his picture of Mel the dead frog real soon. :P

    I'm planning on respeccing to Irritation pretty soon. Granted, I'll lose the burst DPS from Pissing People Off Outright, but I'll get DoT's and higher damage through AoE's.

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    Re: Adventures in Zul'Farrak (Or, The Tale Of Two Yetis)

    Nice, guys! *giggle*




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