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can we give ZG one more try

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  • can we give ZG one more try

    Hey guys you know I really want to do ZG but Fridays are never good for me. I know this is short notice but can we try tonight. I have a few friends that would love to come and I am sure you do to. If only 10 of us can be on around 7 wow time but we all have one friend then that will make 20. Maybe you have two or three friends. I really would like to give it one more shot around 7 to 7:30 we will try to get the 20 we need I know it might not happen if the right classes do not show up. My only request is that we try ZG on the weekend or if enough people say what day would work for them one of the weekdays like maybe Wednesday night lets really try to get this place a shot every week it's the only way we will get better at it.


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    Re: can we give ZG one more try

    I'm willing to give it a whirl- let's start mentioning it to everyone on teamspeak, and see what we can pull off. For future reference, I think Saturday nights and Sunday night are a better bet than Friday nights. Fridays tend to be busy for people!




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