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Things I'de like to accomplish!

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  • Things I'de like to accomplish!

    Some things that I and i think a few of us need to do that I would like to get done:
    Blightcaller: Kill him, he's in EPL
    Abomination Stitches: Get em, they drop off Rammstein in Baron side of strat
    Frostwhiper: Kill her, no idea where she is
    Enchanted Scarlet Thread: Get it, its in Scarlet side of strat
    Mage Water: Get the quest done, i think Alava said he'd help me
    Pristine Hide of the Beast: get it off him, he's in UBRS

    Thats all i can think of atm, if you need to get one of those done, or you can help plz post. Thank you.
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    Re: Things I'de like to accomplish!

    Abomination Stitches-got 4 of them betwenn yesterday and today
    Frostwhiper: owned today along with the all the rest of Scholo, 5 man pwnage.
    Enchanted Scarlet Thread- achieved late last night 10 man scarlet strath
    Mage Water-Anuar will be doing this for a guildie soon, hit him up.


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      Re: Things I'de like to accomplish!

      Blightcaller: I know a lot of people need to do this, so you wont likely be waiting too much longer.
      Abomination Stitches: Run strat - run it again and again and again. Most of us still need a few too. This is something that can be done quite well in PUGs.
      Frostwhiper: He's a standard boss on Scholo runs - you will be killing him often, no worries.
      Enchanted Scarlet Thread: Scarlet is less run then baron. If you see a scarlet side run, try to get in. That's the best advice I can give ya. PUG possible, same as stitches.
      Mage Water: This can be a tough quest if you dont have a good 5-man. We'll get you your water though.
      Pristine Hide of the Beast: Most everyone needs this and have needed this for months. It's a rare skin off the beast in UBRS, so even if it does get skinned and the skinner doesn't run off with it, you have a 1 in 15 chance. FYI - I've never seen it come off the beast (sometimes we didn't have a skinner thou) and I've run UBRS many times.
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        Re: Things I'de like to accomplish!

        As for the Pristine Hide of the Beast, he's right as to it's rarity. I think I've run UBRS 10 times. Of that 10, I've seen it once. I'm 1/15 ppl. so the chances for me to get it are 1/150 or you see WoW loves percentages around 1%. We need to put UBRS on Farming Status.




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