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Some Required Add-ons (In my opinion)...

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  • Some Required Add-ons (In my opinion)...


    Atlas provides a simple in-game instance map browser.
    BankItems allows you to view contents of any of your banks while you are away from them. Must visit once on each character to view that character's later.
    CT_RaidAssist (see description)
    EquipCompare shows you a comparison tooltip with the "currently equipped" item and item you are viewing.
    Strip allows for immediate removal of clothing when death is expected (ie: lava). Type /strip or create a macro with "/strip" to activate.

    Hunter Required Add-Ons:

    Freeze Helper is meant to assist hunter with using the Freezing Trap ability.
    Range Color changes the icon color when out of range, no mana. (helpful in other classes, but not a requirement.
    SmartPet (see description) (Now with limited Warlock support.)

    All addons, once unzipped, should go into your C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns Atlas would look like C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\Atlas with all of it's files in this folder.

    Double check your addons folder once you think you've installed something and check for an addons folder or an interface folder inside it. Sometimes they unzip inside to the wrong place and you need to go inside these folders and and bring them up a couple levels...(in other was meant to install to your WoW directory or interface folder, but you installed to addons folder...just go inside and copy the folder and "atlas" in the correct addons folder.)

    Hope this helps...any have other mods they find they can't live without? Post them here.

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    Re: Some Required Add-ons (In my opinion)...

    warlocks must have a shard tracker. there a bunches of them avaliable at almost any WoW add-on site. some kind of timer is very helpful too, so you know when seduce or banish are about to run out.
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      Re: Some Required Add-ons (In my opinion)...

      Pallies really should get Buffahoy, it really helps with the buffs every 5 minutes. Once you learn how to use it is is great, but it can be tuff to learn how to set it up, but dont give up it is worth it!


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        Re: Some Required Add-ons (In my opinion)...

        If you're a healer (priest, druid), then Benecast is a big help. In fairness, it's not limited to priests and druids, but the big advantages are:
        1. You get spell icons by each party member.
        2. It automatically determines the best level of spell to avoid overhealing. This is a HUGE benefit to getting the most from your mana.

        The other MUST HAVE is Decursive (priest, druid, mage)...bound to a single key stroke.

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          Re: Some Required Add-ons (In my opinion)...

          Super Macro allows for more than the standard amount of macros...Nice for the macro lovers in us all.




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