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End of Power Leveling?

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  • End of Power Leveling?

    I found this posted on

    Tapping is to hit a monster once or twice. Basically, this is used in reference to a low level character "tapping" a high level monster and then having a high level character kill it. In previous builds of WoW, the first player to "tap" the monster would get the experience points. This has been changed and now it is % based on the amount of damage you inflicted.

    Has anyone noticed this change? :row__684:

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    Re: End of Power Leveling?

    A similar system was used in City of Heros (CoH), and it was ... so so. Ended up that folks could split xp by beating down the mob even if they weren't grouped. However, it was always annoying to be killing a mob, have someone 10 levels higher than you run up, one shot the mob, and 'rob' you have xp in the process ... even if they were meaning to be helpful.

    I can't think of a 'better' system though the minimizes power leveling though, other than a warrior using taunt to hold aggro as low level folks tap/damage a mob, but the level difference between mob/lowbies wouldn't be more than 3 or 4 for that to be time effecient.
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      Re: End of Power Leveling?

      Actually, I DID notice the change... about a month ago. I thought I'd just gone crazy or something when my lowbie friend told me he only got 100 Xp off of a Mob that was about 10 levels higher than him.

      Kinda sucks, but in the grand scheme of things, I guess it makes it "Fair"


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        Re: End of Power Leveling?

        This did change Beep to slow "power leveling" but in fact you don't need to "tap" to get xp unless not grouped. Unfortunately ungrouped he who does the most damage gets the credit for the kill is my understanding of it had a mage in WPL hit an undead I had tapped and actually steal the kill when I didn't continue to do damage to it ( was not intentional on his part) . If you do continue to damage it and you have "tap" your xp is based on the percentage of damage you do to it. Thus eliminating the power leveling tactics we have seen in the past.

        Now if your grouped your xp significantly decreases if there is a high level player in your group but you will still get token exp (usually 10-100) even if you do no damage. But does not affect your turn in xp when you turn in the quest. Thus "power leveling" is still possible just the tactics have changed. There are advantages to grouping with a high level to be walked thru quests vs. grinding by "tagging" a kill. first is quests go faster and you still get HUGE xp for completing red quests. Second is you get faction for completing quests ( at any level) .

        example. I need faction with darnasses. I can take my level 60 thru the darnasses low level quests with someone who needs them and still get minimal faction for it (10-20) at the same time the person I'm walking thru gets quest completion xp AND faction. but only minimal "grinding" xp.




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