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Friday, Nov 25, Jail Break

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  • Friday, Nov 25, Jail Break

    Hey, had an awsome run with Crebis, Beep, Crim and Kossi getting the Onyxia chain started. Got as far as Jail Break. As I understand it, we are going to give it a go on Friday at 8pm server yeah, there it is. Just to re-interate, we had a great time (I did anways) and experimented with some non-traditional techniques, using Mind Control.


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    Re: Friday, Nov 25, Jail Break

    I have to take a moment to describe this group's tactics (very successful, IMO)...

    Crowd control=two priests+mind control. Loved guards running off the walkway into the lava.

    This is a bit slower but more...elegant...:o Beep (only lvl 55) died once. No wipes. Crebis pet died twice. Two awesome priests with superior damage dealing from Crebis. Kossi and I just did the tank fun!

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      Re: Friday, Nov 25, Jail Break

      My Paladin has to kill the Golem Lord and Angleforge. With my hectict working schedule this weekend i will try to get this done before friday in case you need him. I also need to start taking my priest to BRD to get this chain done and do other quest. She's only 52 right now, but if i could get 3 or 4 60s to help me it won't be to bad.

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        Re: Friday, Nov 25, Jail Break

        I am so with you guys again. This was the best run Ive ever been on and you guys really restored my faith in 5 man high level instance runs. I've really never done anything so fun with so many competent players - you really made my night and i cant wait to do it again. Crim, Beep, Crebis and Lis - you guys rock and just way to be awesome in general!

        Ok, im gushing :)

        I WILL be on Friday night, give me a little time to get home from my dinner (like 8:30 - 9:00 server time) we will whomp some more butt!


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          Re: Friday, Nov 25, Jail Break

          Ricca needs this also so im in too
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            Re: Friday, Nov 25, Jail Break

            if you still need me, i'm in...i'd love to put this 5-some back together




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