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  • ZG Hints!

    Ok guys here some hints about ZG!

    Snake Packs: The adders have a cone poison effect. To reduce it's effectivness spread out to a wide formation, preferably to its side or behind it if possible.

    High Priest Venoxis: Mages keep Detect Magic on him, then Priests Dispell his Renew. Also Mana Burn him if possible.

    Beserkers: Everyone should stay at MAX range except Tank and Offtank. This will almost completely erradicate it's AOE Fear skill.

    Spider Packs: Sheep red spiders, and troll mages, kill them last.

    High Priestess Mar'li: Clump together so you get webbed and reduce agro, offtank should stand a ways off so he can run in when MT is webbed. The spiders that pop from the eggs must be killed IMMEDIATELY! They grow stronger over time. Someone should use Dispel Magic on the Life Drain

    Troll Packs: The Blood Drinkers MUST BE fought at a long range, only the MT and maybe the OT should be in close range, The Blood Drinker's Damage Heal is a AOE so the less people that are near it, the less it gets healed

    BloodLord Mandokir: Have the Offtank hold the bosses attention and have a healer watch his health, the MT and others should focus on his pet. The healers MUST NOT let anyone die! Everytime someone dies he becomes stronger, once he recieves 3-5 level gains, he becomes almost impossible. When someone is being watched they will have a Debuff type of Icon under their buffs. Once it disappears they may do whatever they like, but while they have it they must to NOTHING! I would recommend pressing "Esc" to untarget your current target. EVERYONE MUST BE PAYING ATTENTION TO WHO IS BEING WATCHED!

    Gri'lek: While in the smaller form only one tank should tank him while in this form and the DPS from range should be kept low. Once he is enraged ALL MELEE people should back off and the Range People should begin a Heavy DPS
    , but Stay AWAY from him, he will one-hit kill anyone that get's near him while he is enraged.

    High Priest Thekal: There should be 3 Tanks for this battle. One to hold each boss's attention, Focus on the first 2 tigers BUT DO NOT KILL THEM! Get them to about 8% health, Attack Thekal and bring him to 10%, Move all the bosses close together and take out Lor'Khan. Remember to Disarm the Bosses PART 2: Tiger Form, MT pulls Thekal to LEFT side near the Hut, Everyone else should stand on the hill to the RIGHT, Except Rogues, Casters and OffTanks should kill any spawned tigers, then Heavy DPS the boss, Remember to make sure that the MT has agro after the "Force Punch Attack"

    High Priestess Arlokk: Have 1 Offtank in each pen to keep the panthers IN the pen, They will need probably at least 2 healers on them, The Offtanks in the pen should possibly wear Green Whelp Armor, EVERYONE else should be attacking the boss, Stay spread out to reduce the Whirl Wind Damage

    Jin'Do the Hexxer: Keep the MT on Jindo AT ALL TIMES, Others should focus on Mana Drain and totem killing before attacking boss, Sheep the Mind Controled players, they will lose the MC after a time and they will be Fully healed, Have Warlocks ENSLAVE the imps if possible and have them attack Jindo.

    DUN DUN DUN! Hakkar: you MUST KILL ALL Aspect Bosses before Hakkar, Next Clear all mobs around and in Tower, Sheep the Sons of Hakkar, Have the OffTanks kill the sons if they cannot be sheeped, Have a Rogue stand between the MT and the Range people, the Rogue will more than likely get MC, ignore this, Hakkar recieves A LOT of damage when he drains life from a POISONED player (roughly 1500 damage in 3s per player), DO NOT REMOVE THE POISON, just make sure that the healers keep a steady stream of healing, Light to Moderate DPS will do.

    I hope this helps guys, Good Luck on your next run.
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    Re: ZG Hints!

    Hey Zedd...where did you get this info from....i would like to take a look at it, i'm trying to get info on all end game let me know
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      Re: ZG Hints!

      something else that helps; while fighting the blue spitting snakes.. fighting one at a time is ideal. Have the main tank turn the snake away from the group.. this will keep him from spitting on the group. Ive seen this work really well.




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